Don’t Let Digital Costs Download Your Whole Bank Balance

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We all live a life that’s much more closely tied to our tech than those of the generations before it. It has made things so much more convenient and one of the most convenient parts of it is how easy it is to pay for things online without having to worry about taking out cash. However, that convenience also makes it easier to overspend than ever. Here, we’re going to look at a few ways to make sure your tech costs don’t rocket up without you noticing.

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Stop saving your payment details

It’s very convenient to be able to save your payment details, such as your debit card details and so on, it also makes it very easy to do one-click purchases when taking a little more time to think about might see you change your mind and save some money. You should make sure that you’re investing in strong internet security for any device that you’re saving any of your financial details to, as well.


Mind how many subscriptions you have

We’re not just buying products and software online. We’re often buying subscriptions, be it for streaming services, music listening services, audiobook subscriptions, subscription boxes we get delivered to the door, and so on. These services can be great value for money, but it’s also easy to forget just how many of them that you’re signed up to, which can then see you paying for things that you don’t know. Every three or four months, you should make sure you schedule a “money day” that looks at all of your expenses by going through your bank slips, including your subscription services. When you suddenly see that you’re paying for services you don’t know, it can be a reminder to trim your expenses a little. Don’t forget to take advantage of free subscription giveaways and trials, too. Just know when they end so you don’t pay when you mean not to.


Don’t forget the costs of the internet itself

One online cost that often grows larger without us paying much heed to is the cost of the internet itself. If you’ve been with the same provider for several years on end, there’s a good chance their prices have raised, especially if you were on a newcomer deal that has since run out. Look at the market, comparing offerings like Centurylink internet prices to what you’re currently paying. Loyalty rarely pays when it comes to utility providers. You should be scanning the market as soon as your contract is up to see if you could end up paying less to go online as a result.


Use tech to help as well

Tech might make it easier to fall into spending temptations, but it can also make it easier to become more aware of them and to resist them. There are balancing tools like the Cleo money management app that can help you better see where you’re spending your money each month. When you see your own habits, it can become easier to curb them, too.


Given how easy it is for tech costs to run away with us, it’s a good idea to make sure that we do more to keep track of what we’re paying. Hopefully, the tips above help with that.