Lawson Modeled For Notre Dame – Child Modeling

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If you are wanting to learn more about the twins modeling/ acting career please head on over HERE.

Did you know the twins are models – actual models – signed with 2 different modeling agencies ( in the Pacific Northwest)! If you are newish to the site you might not know this since not much modeling has been going on. Why? COVID – lovely Covid really dampened the modeling market for youth here in Portland, OR.

Anyways I forgot to show a modeling gig that Lawson did a while ago for Notre Dame. He was in the schools catalog and online. Here are some more

One more.

If you would like me to write a guide on how to get your child into modeling I would be happy to write one. I really think any parent can do it – all of there modeling has nothing to do with Budget Savvy Diva. All the money that has been made so straight into their college funds.