How to Dress Your Groomsmen

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While all eyes will be on the bride and groom at the wedding, you definitely don’t want your wedding party to look like a bunch of slackers. And when it comes to groomsmen, the attire you choose could make or break the overall look.


Tips for Choosing the Best Groomsmen Attire


It’s easy to forget about the groomsmen on the wedding day – at least in terms of what they wear. The bride obviously steals the show. Then after that, it’s the groom. Naturally, the bridesmaids come in third. And then you have the groomsmen. But while people probably aren’t paying as much attention to the groomsmen as the rest of the wedding party, they still need to look good. A well-dressed groomsmen party is like that final cherry on top that ties everything together.


Here are some ideas, suggestions, and tips to work through:


  • Consider These Questions


Before doing anything else, there are a few questions that you’ll need to answer:


  • When is the wedding? Timing and seasonality matter. For example, your groomsmen will wear something much different on a hot summer afternoon than they would on a cold winter evening.

  • Where is the wedding? If the wedding is indoors, you have a lot of options. If the wedding is outdoors, other rules apply. Then there’s the setting to consider. Is it a farm wedding, beach wedding, church wedding, backyard wedding, etc.?

  • What are you wearing? Finally, consider what you’ll be wearing. You’ll want the groomsmen’s attire to be coordinated with your own. Sometimes the groom perfectly matches the groomsmen, while other times they merely wear the same color palette. In some cases, everyone wears the same outfit, but the groom wears a slightly different colored tie or coat.


Based on the answers to these three questions, you’ll be able to guide your decision-making process. If nothing else, it’ll narrow your options down so that you only have to make a few key choices.


  • Fit is Extremely Important


Ask each groomsman to be professionally measured and fit for their suit or tux. It’s also wise to shop with a company that’s known for producing sleek, well-fitting clothes. Politix wedding suits, for example, are known for fitting very well. As a result, they give off a clean, polished look.


  • Paying for the Groomsmen Outfits


Typically, each groomsman is responsible for buying or renting their own wedding day attire. However, you should always be up-front with them about the anticipated price and let them have some say in the selection. 


For example, if you’re expecting them to shell out $500 on a brand new suit when they’re really only comfortable spending $250, this is something you need to know.


Traditionally, the groom will give the groomsmen a gift for the wedding. If the groomsmen are the ones buying their own suits, you may opt to buy them the tie, pocket square, and cufflinks. The groom can add a personal touch to his gifts, such as customizing the handkerchief with the groomsman’s initials on it. The added embroidery is a subtle way to make his special day more memorable to his entourage.


  • When to Order


The earlier you order the suits, the better. However, at the very latest, you should have all groomsmen’s attire ordered eight weeks in advance. This gives you enough time to make changes and/or work through any issues that may arise between now and the big day.


It’s also a good idea to specify that you want your suits delivered to each groomsman a minimum of two weeks before the wedding. This gives them time to try on the suit and send it back if it doesn’t fit. Anything shorter than this could create issues.


  • Never Assume


Picking the suit/tux, dress shirt, and tie are the big items. However, don’t stop there. You should never assume that all of the groomsmen will know how to finish off their look. You don’t have to pick out every item, but you should give them specifics on what to wear.


For example, don’t simply tell the groomsmen to wear brown shoes. Tell them what shade of brown (light or dark), the type of shoe (loafers, oxfords, etc.), what socks to wear with them, and all of the other tiny details that most guys aren’t going to think about.


Select the Perfect Attire


Every wedding party will have its own unique style and personality. However, if you implement the tips outlined above, you can rest assured that your groomsmen will look sharp and handsome (without stealing the show, of course). Give yourself plenty of time to make these decisions, and you won’t feel nearly as stressed at the prospect of making so many choices.