Amazing Ways to Decor Your Wedding Venue This Summer

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Need some unique summer wedding ideas to make your special day memorable? No need to look further! We have everything you need to have for the coolest summer wedding, from flowers to the reception.

Check out our summer wedding ideas to find the right one for your special day. With these ideas, hope that your summer wedding will be an event that everyone will remember. 

1. Host the Event in an Open-Air Venue

Take advantage of the season by having your wedding outside. Having the ceremony outside in the summer can look beautiful and is an excellent way to enjoy the weather. In addition, you will get the benefits of proper lighting to take pictures of your wedding.

2. Pick a Festive Theme

Having a summer wedding with a festival theme is a creative and exciting way to celebrate. YA reception could be held in a field with plenty of hay bales for seating, a casual dress code, and carnival games, or you can have a bohemian, hippie feels with bright colors and flower crowns. You may entertain your guests with live DJ or band performances also. Also, choosing the theme wisely will save you some bucks.

3. A Glass Venue

Reserving a glass venue for your summer wedding is a unique way to give it a modern and classy feel. This type of venue is ideal for a summer wedding because they allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature without being concerned about the weather. So whether it’s a warm, sunny day or a fantastic, breezy evening, it’s ideal for your wedding day.

5. Decorating Your Head Table

Decorating your head table is vital to make a wedding reception look beautiful. The head table is the focal point of the reception. So, decorating your head table for a summer wedding, consider the elements that reflect the season. To create a natural and fresh atmosphere, for this occasion, you can use fresh flowers in vibrant colors, like sunflowers or daisies. You can also decorate the table with greenery like ferns or eucalyptus to add texture. 

 5. Welcome Bags

Making welcome bags for your guests is a thoughtful and personalized way to make them feel unique and valued. You can put things in the bags that are useful, fun, and fit with the theme of your wedding. For example, you can put these items in the bag like sunglasses, sunscreen, bottled water, and a small hand fan for a summer wedding. You could also include small treats like snacks, candies, or even mini bottles of your favorite drink.

6. Make a Romantic Pathway

A romantic walkway is a great way to welcome guests to your summer wedding and set the mood for a beautiful ceremony. Consider using greenery, flowers, and other natural elements to create a romantic, beautiful walkway for your summer wedding. 

If your ceremony takes place in the evening, you can decorate the place with the elements like candles, lanterns, or string lights to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Creating a romantic walkway for your summer wedding is a beautiful and memorable way to welcome your guests and set the stage for a magical ceremony.

7. Bunting

Bunting is a fun and colorful way to make your summer wedding look more festive. Bunting comprises triangle-shaped flags strung together on a rope or string. There are many ways to use bunting to decorate your wedding venue. In addition, you can create a fun and memorable atmosphere for your guests by using bunting in creative and unique ways.

8. Giving Parasols to the Guests

Parasols are a great addition to any summer wedding, adding a touch of elegance and practicality to your wedding décor. This is an excellent way to shield your guests from the sun’s heat and cool them.  You can choose a variety of parasols in different colors and patterns to match your wedding theme. This can be a  practical and beautiful addition to open-air weddings.

9. A Wedding Tent Made of Sailcloth

A sailcloth wedding tent is a specific outdoor tent typically used for celebrating special events and outdoor weddings. It is a stylish alternative to the usual white tents. These tents are usually made of translucent fabric, such as sailcloth or clear vinyl, which allows natural light to pass through and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. In addition, the transparent material of the tent creates a dreamy atmosphere for its guests, allowing them to take a view of the natural beauty of the outdoors.

10. Luminaries for Wedding Nights

Luminaries are decorative lanterns or candles for special occasions such as weddings or other celebrations. They are typically made of paper bags, glass jars, or other materials illuminating the surrounding area. Luminaries create a warm, romantic, inviting atmosphere and give a magical touch to your special night.

11. Food for Summer Wedding

When it’s hot outside, it’s best to serve a fresh menu at your program to keep your guests happy. Using fruits as appetizers can not only match the colors you’ve chosen but also make your guests feel better. You may serve delicate meat dishes as the main course and sides like tomatoes, pasta, or salad. Also, serving fresh wine will play a special role in serving the guests.

12. Attire for Summer Wedding

If your wedding is in the summer, you should spice up the clothes for your party. For example, encourage your bridesmaids to wear bright and colorful dresses. In the same way, the groomsmen don’t have to wear the traditional black suits. Instead, they can wear natural colors with accents that match the ceremony’s color palette. After all, summer is the ideal season for combining some vibrant and lively colors into your wedding party’s attire.

13. Hats 

As it is summer and the weather is sunny and warm outside. Providing your guests with a hat to protect their heads from the sun is a good idea. You could have a basket or a wall of hats that go with the theme for your guests, like fedoras, panamas, straw boaters, or cowboy hats. Giving hats as a wedding favor to the guests is also a unique and thoughtful idea that your guests will surely appreciate. 

14. Frosé Bar

If you want a drink for your guests that will be trendy and refresh them, then Frosé, or frozen rosé, is a perfect choice and can even have its own station in the wedding ceremony. Consider setting up a frozen drinks bar with delectable cocktails like margaritas and daiquiris. Then, you could serve frosé shots at the beginning of your wedding. Frosé is essential to any summer wedding, and your guests will surely love it.

15. Outdoor Photo Booth

A photo booth is an excellent addition to any summer wedding. Choose a backdrop and props that match your wedding theme. Of course, you have to make sure of adequate lighting in the booth to get perfect pictures. Encourage your guests to take fun and creative photos and remember them as a special day’s memory.


Decorating your wedding venue this summer is a fun and exciting task. From bright flower bouquets to greenery accents and minimalistic designs, there are plenty of ways to make your wedding venue feel unique and special. By adding your touch to the decor, you can ensure that your wedding venue reflects your love story and sets the stage for an unforgettable celebration.