Tips for Making Memories With Your First Child

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It is hard to believe that we are at the end of our first year with our daughter. She has changed so much already, and it feels like she was just born yesterday! This blog post will share some memory making ideas for your first child. Some may be more creative than others, but they all have one thing in common: memories!

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Go for a Maternity Shoot

Consider a maternity shoot. Not only do these photographs capture the excitement of pregnancy, but they also provide some lasting memories for you and your family to cherish.

You can have many different types of shoots, such as location photography or in-studio work with props and costumes available too! Then you can use picture frames to hang them in your living room and bedroom.

You don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to creating beautiful photos, though. There are so many possibilities when you think outside the box, perhaps even using your home surroundings if there’s something special about it.

Another effective option is to visit a photographer who specializes in maternity shoots. Consider taking advantage of studios like Rebecca Kayne Photography, where you can have this precious moment captured professionally.

While you may feel that documenting your pregnancy is unnecessary, it’s actually a wonderful opportunity to start considering what will make for a memorable maternity shoot.

Consider Newborn Baby Shoot

A great way to create memories with your first child is by getting a newborn baby shoot. This type of photo shoot will help you capture all those special moments and milestones, such as the moment when you first hold your baby in your arms.

A newborn baby shoot is a unique way to capture the first few weeks of your child’s life. This makes for sentimental photos you can use in the future.

More important, if you’re a blogger, you can take photos for your website to increase engagement and update your followers on your baby’s progress.

Make Hand and Footprint Ornaments

At the end of your pregnancy, take a picture of your hand with each child’s handprints. You can also have their footprints done while you’re at it! Once they are one year old or so, if you cannot do this during baby showers, then try adding them on as an activity when the family is visiting. This way, everyone gets involved and makes some memories too.

Handprint and footprint ornaments are a great way to celebrate your little one’s tiny hands and feet.

When my son was born, I did this with him as soon as possible.I just pressed his hand in some clay for about five minutes then set it on the counter where his dad could let it dry overnight (it took longer than you’d expect). The next day we painted them to look like dinosaurs using spray paint . After that, we put our baby boy’s handprints up near all of our dinosaur decor ! This is something that will be really neat when he gets older because an important part of who he is now can be seen throughout your home!

Use a Memory Jar

A memory jar is a fun way to remember your first child’s milestones. You can make this with the baby’s handprints or footprints, as well as other souvenirs like hospital bands and hair clippings from their first haircut. If you’d prefer not to do it yourself, some companies offer premade jars at an affordable price.

You can place this in any area of your house where you spend time together, but it will mainly have meaning if displayed near your baby’s crib or bed, so they know how much you love them when sleeping alone for the night.

The memory jar is a great way to create memories for the future. Fill it with small, everyday items like puzzle pieces or tiny toys that your baby can play with in their later years.

Make a Quilt From Their Clothes

A quilt made from your child’s clothes can be a wonderful keepsake for their future or even as something they will cherish as a baby.

As the last memory, many parents choose to make quilts from their child’s clothes. If you have made hand and foot ornaments with your baby’s prints, this can be an excellent way to use them in addition to the other elements of the quilt. Quilting together as a family is another fun activity that will allow you to create some time for yourself while spending quality time with others.

It may seem like there are never enough hours in the day, but when everyone pitches in, it becomes not only easy but rewarding too!


In conclusion, there are many ways to create memories with your first child. For example, consider a maternity shoot, newborn baby photoshoot, memory jar ornaments, hand and footprint decorations, and a quilt made from their clothes.