8 tips to follow for the process of making your trip more affordable for a Disney winter experience!

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Are you considering going to Disney World in the winter? If so, then you might be curious as to how you can save a few hundred – or a few thousand – bucks in the process! After all, going to Disney World is known for being very expensive. You are going to have to spend money on tickets for you and your children, hotel rooms, expensive food and drink, souvenirs, fast passes, and much more. Avoid spending all of your hard-earned cash on this vacation by learning the best ways to save money and make your trip more affordable!

But how can you do this? Avoid spending full price on anything by looking at our tips and tricks to get the best deals on your next vacation. Chances are, if you go during the winter, you might be lucky enough to avoid some of the summer crowds, avoid the throngs of tourists, and still get great weather without melting under the Florida sun!

Let’s see a few tips that you should follow so you can begin making your trip more affordable and avoid spending thousands on your vacation!

8 tips to begin making your trip more affordable – save hundreds on your next trip to Disney World!

Disney World is arguably the vacation of our dreams. We think about going to Florida every year without our children, getting on the rides, meeting the characters from our favorite movies, and going in the magical vibe and experience of walking through the park. With many places to go, rides to experience, attractions to experience, and people to see, it can feel like we have entered into another world. 

But what happens when you find that this immersive experience is cutting a huge hole in your wallet? The only thing that you can do is to find out ways of making your trip more affordable without giving up your yearly Disney vacation – let’s find out how!

Buy discounted park tickets

One of the best tips to begin making your trip more affordable is to find Disney world park tickets that are on sale or discounted! If you are using points to help you get through your vacation and you are using your credit card miles to fly to and from Orlando, then Disney World may end up having a park ticket discount just for you. Since tickets for a park without a family pass cost around $80-$120 depending on the season, the price can also vary based on the length of the ticket – for example, a longer ticket is going to be less per day. 

  • We recommend buying a multi-day ticket so you can get the best price per hour on your ticket purchase.
  • Do not buy the ticket at the Disney world gates! This will end up being around 20-30% more in the long run.
  • Use discounted ticket sites so you can find deals and bundles on tickets – use websites like “Get Away Today” to find family passes and tickets to save around $20 per ticket or around $60 on a bundle.

Use your points!

If you’re using your credit cards so you can pay for the flights, then consider also using your miles to get to Disney World! Many people often forget about the credit cards that are in their wallets in terms of points – they are using the credit cards for daily purchases, but avoid using them for flights, hotels, and travel-related expenses. In reality, this is what you need to use your credit card for! Make sure you shop for the best credit card that will give you the best deal in return when you’re going to Disney World.

  • We recommend looking into specific cards for travel expenses that are dedicated to giving you money back for flights, hotels, and travel costs, such as the Capital One Venture Credit Card.

Explore the half-park days

The third way that you can begin making your trip more affordable is by using partial park days. This is a type of day at Disney World that is during the holiday season that is much cheaper than a single-day ticket! You will end up saving around $20 to $30 on a single-day ticket – and you can enjoy running around the park with much fewer people!

Visit on off-peak dates

The next tip is to make your trip more affordable by going to the park on off-peak dates and times. Avoid going during the height of the tourist season by going during the winter in November or early December before Christmas. You can end up saving a lot of money, as the prices of Disney World fluctuate based on the time of the year. You can even save as much as around $50 per day if you go during off-peak times!

Get an annual pass

Do you love going to Disney World? Do you go more than once a year? If the answer is yes, try an annual pass! If you visit enough, the annual pass will end up giving you a better price on the daily rate, you can save money on retail times, and you can get special perks that other single-day ticket holders will not have! 

Choose realistically how many park days you want

If you only want to go to the park for a few days and you find that you want to go to other experiences during your day in Florida, then really consider how many days you need – praying for the entire week might be too much if you only end up going 3-4 times that week! 

Get gift cards!

Everyone loves gift cards – instead of getting gift cards to Walmart or to Starbucks, why not get Disney Gift cards? A Disney gift card can provide you with around 5-10% of discount on your trip, making your trip more affordable and helping you get discounts on other important items in the park such as tickets, meals, and hotels.

Don’t get the Park hopper pass

The last tip to making your trip more affordable is not getting a park hopper pass. Although This can be tempting, it will cost around $50-$70 more per day – which can really add up with a family of 4!


Are you looking to go to Disney world in the winter? If so, follow our tips to make your trip more affordable! Make sure you do some shopping ahead of time to buy gift cards, get discounts on tickets, use your credit card miles, and really think about how you want to plan your vacation days!