How to Dye Your Dark Blonde Hair

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What to Consider Before Dying Your Dark Blonde Hair


Changing your hair color to dark blonde hair is a decision you need to be sure of before going down that road. You first need to research how dying the hair will affect it, and then the perfect shade of blonde for the hair. Your skin tone and hair texture will have a lot of say on the shade of blonde you dye the hair. 

Once you have identified the perfect shade, the other challenge is to get a good stylist. You can ask your friends for referrals and choose one who is good at their job and will deliver the look you are looking forward to getting. This requires you to get a skilled hair colour specialist who will listen to your requirements keenly. Besides getting the perfect dye and a hair colorist, consider these factors before going fully dark blonde hair. Take a look. 

  1. Consider Your Skin Tone

If you’re not sure you can handle the commitment of having dyed hair, opt for temporary but high-quality, authentic human hair extensions that blend well with your natural hair, from the color down to the texture. This will make styling them easier.

However, beware that it is not guaranteed that your hair will look exactly like the one in the picture. When deciding on the dye shade, you can also consider your eye color. 


  1. The Hair Cut

Your current haircut will also influence the shade of dark blonde hair to choose. For instance, you could dye a different shade if you have a fringe from a person who has straight or curly hair. According to LoveHairStyles, if you already have a fringe, consider cutting the hair into a medium length before dying it. Cutting it afterward will have the stylist tampering with the hair highlights. 

Cutting the hair before dying will also enable you to highlight it from the roots. This is a helpful tip for people who want to get fringes. Also, having dyed hair with fringe will require regular maintenance because the fringe exposes your roots, and re-growths will be more visible. 

  1. Your Budget And Lifestyle

Besides your skin tone and haircut, another essential factor to consider is your lifestyle. Telling the stylist about your lifestyle will enable them to advise you accordingly. For example, they will know how often you should visit the salon and what you need to keep your hair in that shade. They will advise you on the best shade of blonde to dye the hair.