What Causes Hair Extensions To Become Dry And Damaged

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 Hair extensions can get damaged in our daily routine since they get exposed to various stressors, making hair dry and brittle. For instance, Not receiving enough oil is one of the reasons which can cause dryness.

Here are some common reasons which can cause your hair extensions to become dry and damaged.

Made up of poor quality hair

If you have bought your hairpiece from a not so reputable vendor, then it is most likely that they must have used a cheap way of producing hair extensions which means they will be over-processed. Over processed extensions can become weak, thus becoming more inclined towards breakage and damage.

Poor quality extensions need regular conditioning to make the best out of their quality.

Whether you get micro link hair extensions or clip-ins, choose from a qualified seller to ensure its quality.

Loss of natural oils

Our natural hair receives oil from the scalp; therefore, applying a conditioner is essential after shampooing to keep them hydrated. That is why you require adding oil externally to provide essential nutrients that prevent them from getting dry.

Hard water

In the Us and UK, various areas receive water containing a high level of minerals. These minerals can cause water to become hard. Minerals in the water remain on our hair after rinsing, making them dry and brittle. They are also responsible for extracting colors from the hair as well.

Exposure to the sun

We know how sun exposure can be harmful to skin, but not many know it is equally damaging for our hair.  Just like sun exposure causes our skin to become dull, damaged, and burnt, our hair faces the same repercussions.  That is why it is important to seek shade, if possible, add scarves or caps and extra conditioning in your hair care routine to avoid getting your extensions dry, dull, and brittle.



If you plan to dip your toes on the beach, your hair extensions can get damaged if exposed to seawater, a mixture of salt and minerals. And you can make it even worse if you spend time baking under the sun, which can make your extensions dry and brittle.

Even if you are not dipping or diving, the damp salty air can also cause dryness; that is why all you need to do is moisturize! Moisturise! Moisturise! Avoid exposing your extensions to seawater at any cost.


Just like seawater, chlorine is harmful to our extensions as well. This chemical strips away the color of your hair and also causes dryness. Avoid exposing your extensions to chlorine; however, if you are a regular swimmer, then regular oiling is necessary.


Is it possible to revive the quality of hair extension?

Yes! It is possible to revive hair extensions’ quality no matter how dull and dry they become. Good quality hair tape extensions are always preferable to get rid of damage and dryness. Adding regular oiling of hair and using nourishing hair treatments can help provide necessary nutrients to your hair which helps in reviving the quality of extensions.

 Choose to go for oil-based hair products that help in softening extensions, especially those dry strands. Using regular oil will help in making them more manageable.

Not just oil, you can also add a hair mask which you can make yourself or buy from stores to provide essential nutrients to your hair.



Like natural hair, our extensions require essential nutrients and natural oils to lock moisture and hydration, which helps make them soft and shiny.