8 Professional Tips From The Top Wedding Planners

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If you’re a planner like me, you’ve been putting together Pinterest boards and scouting venues for your wedding for years. Before you get too ahead of yourself, it might be helpful to get a little advice from the pros. Here are 8 professional wedding tips from X professional wedding planners. A must to check out is essex wedding photographer


  • Buy and Sell Your Dress Online


Borrowing Magnolia is a great website for being able to purchase lightly used wedding dresses at an incredibly affordable cost. Once your wedding day is over, you can sell your wedding dress on the same website and potentially make more than what you spent.


  • Set Your Budget and Stick to It


One of the main goals of a wedding planner is to learn about your budget and help you stick to it. Your budget will help you select your venue, which will help you determine how many guests you can realistically invite. From there, you can delegate the rest of your budget accordingly.


  • Learn About Changing Your Last Name Beforehand


You don’t want to wait until after your wedding day to figure out how to change your last name. There is a multitude of things you’ll have to navigate and forms you’ll need to fill out. These items will include but are not limited to your:


  • Social security card
  • License or state I.D.
  • Bank accounts
  • Payroll at work
  • Post office mailing information
  • Credit card companies
  • Mortgage or landlord
  • Voting registration
  • Passport


And those are just to name a few. Make a checklist for yourself about everywhere your name is associated with an account. Once you have your marriage license, you’ll be able to start going through your checklist.


  • Don’t Rush the Planning Process


Life is hectic. There are kids to care for, jobs to do, and a home that needs care. Not to mention maintaining a social life and having a healthy physical and mental balance. When life gets in the way, you might find yourself procrastinating some of your wedding planning.


Don’t wait until the last minute to start working on your big day. There is no shame in postponing the wedding if you need to. However, this can make the process slightly more stressful. Pick a day and hire a wedding planner.


  • Meet Your Vendors Before Choosing Them


When selecting your wedding vendors, you need to consider more than just reviews you read online. Meet with your vendors in person beforehand. See how they run their operations and how they intend to implement your vision. Besides, you need to be able to work well together in order to make this day a success. There is nothing worse than working with a photographer or caterer you can’t stand.


  • Utilize Technology


Since the COVID-19 global pandemic, wedding planners have understood the importance of utilizing technology for the big day. While you don’t want your guests to stay on their phones the entire time, virtual live streaming will allow guests who can’t attend to still be a part of the day.


  • Have a Plan B


Once you’ve selected all of your vendors and have signed all of the contracts, there are still several issues that could arise. For example, if your caterer no longer can accommodate your needs, what will be your backup plan? What if your wedding is outside and it rains on the day of the event? Do you have preparations set up for a necessary tent or covering? Have a plan B set in place for any major inconveniences that could arise.


  • Do What’s Right For You


It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in what everyone else wants your wedding day to look like. Your parents might have a certain religious element they want to include, or your sister could have an opinion on the dresses.


At the end of the day, it’s about you and your partner. Consider what you want and make that the priority.