9 Ways To Better Yourself In 2022

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Many people are mentally drafting their New Year’s resolutions as the curtains gradually fall in 2021. A YouGovAmerica survey revealed that one in four Americans made New Year’s Resolutions for 2020 to improve their lives in various ways. Although self-improvement is often easier said than done, you can achieve it through commitment and perseverance. Besides, there are many things you can do to genuinely improve yourself in the coming year. Here are nine ways to better yourself in 2022.


  • Let go of a bad habit

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Everyone has a bad habit they would like to stop. Some popular bad habits include drinking too much, round-the-clock social media use, smoking, oversleeping, procrastination, using drugs, and profligacy. Quitting a bad habit can be challenging, but there is always an overwhelming sense of accomplishment if you successfully overcome it. Consequently, do some sober self-reflection and fish out some bad habits preventing you from achieving your goals and being the best version of yourself. Then, take practical steps to replace these habits with good ones for the best results. For instance, if you are battling addiction in the Denver area, checking yourself into rehab is worth considering to receive professional assistance within a supportive environment.


  • Adopt a new hobby


Your work and family obligations are likely your topmost priorities, but you need a hobby to maintain a work-life balance. Hobbies offer you an escape from your regular responsibilities, so consider taking up a new one to occasionally get a break from your routine. You can gain new knowledge, boost your social life,  and increase self-confidence by adopting a hobby. Also, hobbies enrich your life and make you see things differently since these activities often introduce you to fresh ideas. Furthermore, your new hobby can challenge you to improve in certain vital areas, boosting your overall self-enhancement. In addition, hobbies are an excellent way to prevent bad habits during your free time since you will be engaged in something productive. Consequently, feel free to explore a wide range of hobbies like sports, board games, video gaming, cooking, collecting, and bird watching to use your free time well.


  • Read more books


Reading has gradually become a lost art in today’s fast-paced world. A Pew Research Center Survey of US adults revealed that 23% hadn’t read a book in 2020. However, reading is one of the best things anyone can do to improve themselves, so consider reading more books in 2022. Reading often helps you gain more insights into your field and may help propel your career advancement. Besides making you smarter, reading can also increase your brainpower since it improves memory function. You can maintain a sharp mind as you advance in age. 


Furthermore, reading will improve your vocabulary, spelling, and writing skills. Additionally, you can improve your empathy and emotional intelligence through reading since you are exposed to other perspectives and human experiences through literary works. The best thing about reading is that there is written material for everyone, irrespective of your preferences. Therefore, you can read the top books and publications in your industry if you are business-inclined. Similarly, you can read autobiographies of players and coaches you like if you are a football fan who doesn’t fancy classic literature.


  • Reduce your screen time


An online study conducted by The Harris Poll revealed that about 53% of Americans say the time they spend in front of screens outside of work and school reasons increased significantly during the pandemic. It is already challenging to switch off in an increasingly social media-focused world, so it is no surprise that the pandemic has made it even harder to put your screens away. However, the time you spend behind your screens can add up, and you may even be shocked to learn the number of hours you dedicate to screen time weekly. Consequently, consider shortening your screen time next year and take regular breaks for your mental health and physical wellbeing. You can use the time you would have spent behind your devices to go for a walk, ride a bicycle, do some yard work, or get some sleep. These activities can be more rewarding than staying glued to your devices, so you can always explore them as viable alternatives to screen time next year.


  • Let go of negative people

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You can be drained in multiple ways if you are constantly around negative, toxic, and unsupportive people. These individuals are a mental and physical energy drain that can suck the vitality out of you and everyone else they come into contact with. Negative people can also impact your thinking if you hang around them long enough, changing your positive belief system. Consequently, getting rid of such people can be the ultimate solution to preserve your energy, time, and happiness and become a better person next year. You can replace these negative people with positive, enthusiastic, and uplifting individuals who will always encourage you to improve yourself.


  • Commit to an exercise routine


The CDC Center for Health Statistics estimates that only about 23% of Americans get enough exercise. Health experts agree that this number should be higher given the numerous benefits of physical activity.  Working out can boost your health, increase your lifespan, and improve your quality of life. An exercise routine can also help you free your mind and relax, improving productivity. Therefore, commit to working out for a few hours weekly for one month. You can select a sport or form of exercise you like and consider partnering with someone to make the process more fun.


  • Pursue your dreams


You likely have things you have always wanted to do but lacked the courage or means to pursue. Therefore, you can face your fears, step out of your comfort zone, and pursue these things next year to improve yourself. However, consider the tools you will need, the steps you must take, and how fast you can accomplish these goals before proceeding. You likely won’t realize your dreams in a day, but this is alright considering genuine success is the buildup of small steps over time.


  • Find a mentor


Your journey towards self-improvement can be simpler and more rewarding if you have a reliable guide leading the way. Consequently, seek a mentor who can offer guidance and help you realize your biggest goals. Mentoring can help you develop skills or support you through a time of change and uncertainty. It can also help you decide what actions to take or which path to select in key moments. Furthermore, mentoring can encourage reflection and sharpen your problem-solving skills, making you a faster and better decision-maker. Therefore, you should typically emerge from a mentoring experience wiser, more informed, and more confident about tackling whatever you face. You can locate a good mentor by identifying people you admire or want to be like in the next decade or two. Also, consider professionals with extensive experience so you can receive the necessary insights to accomplish your goals. 


  • Continue learning

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Education is crucial to personal development, so consider continuous learning to improve yourself next year and beyond. You can take an online course on anything that interests you to upgrade your knowledge. You can also take courses to gain new skills that can help you advance in your career or switch fields if necessary. Every field has in-demand skills that can propel people within it to the apex of the professional ladder. Find out which skills are in high demand in your field by reading industry publications. Then, sign up for a class to hone these skills so you can advance in your field quickly.