No Time for Exercise? Here Are 5 Easy Ways to Move More

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Are you experiencing body aches because of your sedentary lifestyle? Working from home isn’t easy because sitting for long hours can be a problem. And finding time to exercise is indeed a challenge for some people.

Because every one of us has a busy schedule and many life responsibilities, we forget to exercise ourselves. But our body needs physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So what can you do? If you have no time for exercise, here are five easy ways to move more. Incorporate these in your daily routine to boost your activity level. Get your step counter now, move more, and obtain the health benefits you can get without changing your schedule.

Stretch Yourself Out

One good idea to ease stress for your muscles is to take a break and stretch out. You can do many sitting exercises and stretching routines to make your body relieve the tension. You can do this at your desk, too, even if you have limited space to begin with.

Look at the clock and time yourself for five minutes. Have your body stretched, from your neck down, to relieve tension. You can also do some simple floor exercises if you want, including push-ups and squats. Lastly, don’t forget to breathe and enjoy your day with a sip of coffee afterward.

Do Chores

Doing chores at home is an easy way to move your body out. You may not believe it, but doing some chores can help you with your fitness. Have some cleaning, sweeping, or gardening once in a while. Insert this in between your daily schedule while taking a break. You can also turn the music on to get your body grooving while cleaning.

Do The Walk and Talk

Are you fond of doing long conversations over the phone? Don’t just sit there all day long and try to take calls while walking. Instead of just sitting there, make your way outside and enjoy the view. Walk yourself out while you enjoy talking with a family or friend.

Park Your Car and Commute Instead

Instead of driving, why not commute? Or get your bicycle running and burn some calories. This way, you will not only engage in physical exercise but also reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to a greener environment. And you will breathe some fresh air and see nature as beautiful as it is.

Elevator No More

Try to be active as much as possible and opt for the stairs rather than using the elevator. If you are sitting during your day, such a simple action as using stairs makes your leg muscles work, which influences your whole body. You are also doing cardio exercises to make your heart pump more. Having this as a habit when you go shopping can improve your fitness, even with a few steps.

Final Thoughts

It’s not like you can’t get away from a sedentary lifestyle. There are things that you can do in order to achieve being fit while working. Do some regular physical activities and get yourself moving. Groove your body more and incorporate the abovementioned ideas to your daily routine to get started.  

Even with a hectic schedule, letting your body move for a little while can make a change. Not only can it improve your health, but it can also reduce stress and improve your mental well-being. Remember that every movement counts. Give yourself a break from all the hassle and focus on yourself more.