Amazing Drawing Tricks for Kids and Beginners

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Drawing is a very fun hobby that can also be great for giving your brain a break and working on your creativity. The act of drawing can also be great for anxiety and provide many other benefits to your mental health.


But if you are just a beginner and haven’t drawn much before, it can be frustrating at times. But thankfully, there are some wonderful drawing tricks for kids and beginners alike that can help you improve your skills. This article is going to take a closer look at a few of them that will have your or your child drawing better in no time.

Try out Contour Line Drawing

Your kids should take some courses where you’ll find everything from how to draw cupcakes to how to draw hair for beginners. One of the best tricks for getting better with drawing is to do some contour line drawing. This idea is all about focusing on a physical object or reference photo, and attempting to draw the outline of it.


This is done without actually looking at what you are drawing, and solely focusing on the thing being drawn. It can help you know where to put your focus when drawing and while the first few might come out looking bad, this will help your drawing as a whole, over time. It builds your observational skills as an artist, and gives a boost to your hand-eye.


Of course, always begin with a simple thing to draw, so as to not overwhelm anybody. Over time, you can gradually move on to more complex subjects.

Create a Habit of Doodling



When it comes to improving an artist, practice makes perfect. This isn’t really a trick, but practicing more is sure to make you a better artist and be able to draw better pictures. Be sure to always have a sketchbook nearby, full of doodles. Whenever you or your child gets a free minute, it can’t hurt to do a little drawing.


Thankfully, there are a ton of different doodling ideas to try. You can doodle just about anything and it can provide benefits. Having a booklet can make this even more fun as you can refer back to the past and see how your work has improved over time.

Focus on Shapes

At the core of every drawing and subject are shapes. Animals are just a square or ovaluar body, with rectangles for legs, for example. Squares are one of the first things most people are taught to draw, and they have a ton of value in artwork, not only as a child but forever.


Perfecting your shapes can help more realistic designs, as well as helping you fill space in your drawings. If you can get better at drawing these shapes and seeing them in everything, it can improve how you draw just about everything under the sun. It is also valuable to train yourself to see the foundational shapes within your subjects, which can make it simpler to break down and draw more complicated ideas.


Any of these amazing tricks and tips are sure to help children and beginners alike improve their drawing skills.