Stein To Drink!

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Germany is known for a lot of things. For example, if you’re a history buff, you most likely know about the Berlin Wall and its importance in German history. For the football fans out there, you’ll most likely be familiar with the German football team–also known as Die Mannschaft (which translates to “The Team”). On the other hand, racing fans would know Germany for one of the world’s most challenging race tracks, the Nürburgring. But, of course, these are only a few of the many things that people know Germany for.


While several things come to mind instantly when a person thinks about Germany, there’s most likely one constant thing that comes up: beer. The country is known to produce many a great beer and a rich culture surrounding it. Oktoberfest is one perfect example of this rich German beer culture. But, Oktoberfest is just one part of Germany’s rich beer culture. Some several other bits and pieces make up the culture too.


Another aspect of Germany’s beer culture would be their beer steins. While beer can be enjoyed from a mug, Germans have chosen to take it up a notch and elevate the beer-drinking experience. This is exactly what the beer stein is for. More than just a mug, these drinking vessels are embellished with intricate designs and details that have become an iconic accompaniment to whatever beer you choose to drink.


These German beer steins are practically inseparable from Germany’s culture around beer and the revelry that accompanies it. So for anyone that wants to enjoy their beer the German way or level up their drinking experience, the beer stein is definitely something to make use of. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel to Germany to get your hands on one.

What Is It Even?

A beer stein is basically a drinking vessel embellished with designs and details that are unique to Germany. While regions all over Germany have their way of making these beautiful mugs, it’s known to have originated from the area of Kannenbackerland. Thus, it’s said that the authentic stein hails from Kannenbackerland.


But, beer steins are more than just a beautiful vessel to drink from. It also has a rather interesting origin, specifically concerning the lids they’re known to have. While the lids on steins are said to help keep your beer fresh, they also had another purpose when they were first crafted. You see, these steins came about during the 14th century. For you history buffs, you’ll know that the black plague was rampant in Europe during this time. So, to prevent it from spreading, it was said that Germans put lids on their mugs to prevent any disease from spreading. Thus, bringing forward the creation of the steins we know of today.


Of course, there’s no more black plague, but the steins we know of today haven’t changed much since then. Now, they’ve become drinking vessels or decorations that add some German flair to your home. But, whatever the purpose for your stein, it’s hard to deny that these are German and cannot be separated from the rich drinking culture they have.

Where Can I Find One?

While you can travel to Germany, specifically to the area of Kannenbackerland, to get yourself an authentic beer stein, it may not be the most feasible option for most people. Fortunately, there are easier ways to get yourself a stein.


Thanks to globalization, technology, and the wonders of logistics, you can now order a beer stein that hails from Kannenbackerland. You just need to find a specialty store that sells these items, and you’ll be good to go!


Lucky for you, finding that specialty store isn’t difficult to do at all. Many online stores have a great selection of traditional steins from different brands and manufacturers. Once you’ve found that store, all you need to worry about is finding the right stein for you. If anything, shopping for steins online is more accessible than making travel plans for a trip to Germany.


Among the many things that Germany is known for, its rich beer culture happens to be one of the most notable ones. It’s hard to deny that many people associate Germany with beer since it’s one of the things they do best. But, beer is more than just something you drink in Germany. It’s something that you revel in and enjoy. As such, the Germans take beer drinking to the next level.


One of the ways that Germans elevate their entire drinking experience would be how they drink it. Specifically, the vessel they drink it from. While many drink it straight from a mug, others choose to enjoy their beverage from a stein. Unique to Germany, the beer stein has become an inseparable part of the drinking experience. So much so that many go to Germany just to experience this for themselves.


But, while beer steins are unique to Germany, that doesn’t mean that you can only get them there. Fortunately, adding a little German flair to your beer drinking has become more accessible for those Germanophiles or beer lovers. You don’t have to go to Germany to get your stein. Instead, you can order your own authentic stein from specialty stores. Of course, while going to the country is an experience itself, bringing it to your home is another excellent way to show your appreciation for that rich German beer culture.