Fourth Wedding Anniversary: Unique Gift Ideas You Haven’t Thought of

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Most people wait to celebrate their anniversaries grandly after every decade. Four-year anniversaries too deserve to be celebrated as it marks nearly half a decade of togetherness through ups and downs, gloomy and cheerful days, precious moments and moments they wish to forget. 

Therefore, it should be celebrated to commemorate everything couples go through and continue doing so. Marriage isn’t a walk in the park but it doesn’t always have to be that way. This is when doing something special is always a good idea for a fresh start and to rekindle the spark they had when they first met their significant other.

When pondering over which gift to get for your partner or a couple you want to surprise, it should always come from the heart. It could be something they always fancied but never got around buying for themselves. Maybe they even joked about what they dreamed their fourth anniversary would be like.

The custom of giving gifts varies by country and culture. Different gifts symbolize different meanings. However, there is always a gift that is ideal for the occasion; you just have to look out for it. 

We have come up with some gift ideas to inspire you to surprise your favorite couple on their significant day that will surely help you stand out from the crowd. Read on to know:

Linen Make-up Bag

If you have Linen anniversary gifts for her in mind then you should get a makeup bag or a scarf made of lovely linen fabric that is simple, chic, and sleek. These are perfect for someone who likes minimalistic and contemporary designs. Makeup bags can be a great way to store products and would also be a lovely addition to her dressing table or on the side of her bathroom.

Fruity Caramels

You can never go wrong with chocolate truffles with fruit-fillings such as Lychee, and Raspberry oozing out of it. It would be a delight with every bite for the couple. After all, no celebration is complete without ending it with something sweet.


It’s no surprise that bedspreads are always useful, especially if the individuals you’re presenting them to, or even your spouse, have get-togethers at their house regularly. It will be a lovely addition to the existing collection of bedspreads they have, and the best part is they will have more options to choose from when making their beds!

Floral Satin Robe

There are probably very few women who don’t love wearing satin robes, especially when waiting for their breakfasts in bed! Why not buy her one that has her name on it along with a touch of floral design to complement it?

Ceramic Planter

Regardless of gender, nowadays many people consider gardening at home to be therapeutic. Therefore, gifting them a planter will surely win their hearts. There are a variety of planters to choose from, especially ceramic ones having soft colors like blush pink, ivory white, and even charcoal gray that comes in different sizes for their beloved succulents and cactuses.

Rustic Jewelry Box

In most cases, women are spoiled with jewelry by their husbands from the time they get married and for many years to come. This is why gifting her a jewelry box that is engraved with her initials will surely please her and help her aesthetically organize her vast jewelry collection.

Coffee Subscription Box

If you know of any couple who are avid coffee-lovers and cannot function without their daily dose of caffeine right after waking up in the morning then this three-month coffee subscription box is made for them. This box also comes with complimentary chocolates and shortbreads to go with the coffee.

Dried Blossom Bouquet

If you’re searching for flowers that require less maintenance and will last for a long time then go for bouquets of dried blossoms. It will instantly enhance the beauty of any room which would otherwise be lifeless.

Tote Bag

Bags are always a must-have for anyone who is on the go. You can buy Tote bags that are of neutral colors and design suitable for both men and women. This type of bag has sufficient space for most belongings and has rope-like straps for extra support and better functionality.

Personalized Bracelet

If you are on the hunt for something unique and eye-catching then go for a bracelet that you can customize as per the taste and preference of that person. You can add birthstones or even charms that signify your partner’s favorite things.


The list for the best possible anniversary gift ideas goes on but in the end, one thing will matter the most and that is the thoughts and efforts put into the gifts. There are endless options to choose from that can get you carried away and make you go overboard. So, you should keep it simple. It is usually better to come up with simple gift ideas but present them uniquely.

Anniversary gifts don’t have to exceed your budget to look extravagant but the same result can be achieved if you explore shops thoroughly enough. Emphasizing the perfect gift is always a great idea but this type of occasion should be more about spending quality time with each other’s better half and appreciating the love, support, and attention reciprocated. Happy gift-giving!