Should I Buy Ironman Tires For My Car? 

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Ironman Tires Review

While buying the best tires for your vehicle, Ironman is a popular brand you will come across. The tire’s parent brand is Hercules, which manufacturers premium tires, but incorporated lower cost Ironman to make more affordable tires for drivers. One advantage with Ironman tires is you cannot get a generic tire because they are only bought on the manufacturer’s website.


So, what is so good with Ironman tires? Most people associate cheap things with low durability, which differs from the Ironman summer tires. By the end of this review, you will be able to tell if this tire is worth your coins or not. 

  1. Reasons People Buy Ironman Tires

Ironman tires have become popular and are still growing in popularity. Most drivers who only choose to drive their SUVs, crossover, trucks, or passenger vehicles on these tires have confessed it is because of:

  1. Good Price

This tire was created for middle-class drivers who cannot afford the premium Hercules tires, making it affordable. Besides, most drivers who drive on city roads prefer cheap tires because they need a replacement quickly. Similarly, if you can get a good yet affordable tire, what is the point of spending a lot of money on other tires?

  1. Reputation For Quality

One of the things to consider in a tire company before buying from them is their reputation. What do people say about them? Whether positive or negative, the feedback depends on the people’s interaction with the product. Ironman has a good reputation because of the high performance, durable, and quality tires they produce. Besides, creating Ironman tires Canada for the brand was answering loyal customers’ requests to the company to make a more affordable tire. 

  1. Trendy Tread Designs

The tire being cheap does not mean there is no style to the treads. Ironman tires Canada are affordable, yet they have an attractive tread pattern. This increases your car’s curb appeal. 

  1. Tire Reviews
  1. Ironman GR906

We start the list with the all-season GR906. Although it is categorized in all-season tires, this tire can drive perfectly on winter roads because of the perfect treads that provide grip. It is also a perfect choice if you are looking for a fuel economy tire. The GR906 comes in different sizes and fits well with small crossovers and minivans. They are low priced, ranging between $40 and $70. 

  1. Ironman RB-12

The RB-12 was made to replace the Ironman Touring Pro. The tire is all seasons, and it provides good traction on wet and dry roads. You can get the tire in different designs, including the white wall designs. Besides the outer beauty, the tire comes with a computer-optimized tread design for good contact with the ground. It also provides a perfect grip. The downside of the RB-12 is the noise when you drive at high speeds, which might not favor long-distance drivers. 

  1. Ironman Imove

 Ironman iMove tires are all-season high-performance tires with a tread pattern that resembles the Michelin Pilot Sport performance tires. However, while the Michelin ones are from a premium manufacturer, the iMove tires are cheaper. They are also common because they drive perfectly in wet and dry weather. 

The tire offers excellent traction, handling and has a good steering response, thanks to the silica-based tread compound. It is also a preferred choice by long-distance drivers because of the quietness and the comfortable rides.  

Another advantage of the iMove over the other tires is that it offers low rolling resistance and improves fuel economy. Even with all these advantages and features, this iMove tire is very affordable. However, the tread wears down faster, and the tire does not have excellent traction on snow.

  1. Ironman Tires Imove SUV

If you have a sport-utility or crossover SUV car, this is the best tire type to buy. The high-performance tire has an asymmetrical tread pattern that is attractive and gives a perfect performance on wet roads. You can buy these tires in different sizes, and the tire is quiet. The tire’s durability matches its price, and the tread does not wear out fast. 

  1. Ironman Tires Radial A/P

The Ironman Radial A/P is a perfect choice if you want an all-season tire for your SUV. It gives excellent handling. It is also durable and suitable for long-distance drivers because of the quietness it drives on. This tire can also move on mid-off-terrain roads and can handle moderate snow. The drives are also smooth, and the tire provides very good traction on dry roads.