4 Extraordinary Destinations for RV Owners

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RVs are perfect for avid travelers who enjoy road trips and independence. They provide a comfortable and safe shelter in the middle of the great outdoors. Their portability allows owners to save money on expensive hotels and eliminate the need to camp in a tent. 

Moreover, they provide a private retreat to come back to after a long day of hiking or sightseeing. Depending on the vehicle’s model, degree of personalization, and your efforts, you might have access to a comfy bed, a toilet, a well-equipped kitchen, and even chargers, television, or radio, especially if you decide to invest in one of the top rated generators. 

With everything above in mind, it’s no wonder why so many people decide to hit the road in their own RVs. There’s no need to worry about poor-quality hotels anymore, no reason to suffer from lack of privacy in a hostel; with an RV, it’s as if you had a piece of home with you in every destination, especially if you are staying at a long term RV park. With amenities like a kitchen fitted with an RV sink, a bathroom and a bedroom, RVs are truly better than a hotel room! So, you might be left wondering: what places should you visit in your RV? What are the most amazing destinations with astonishing views and fun things to do? Below, you will find some exciting recommendations.

New Orleans, Louisiana

In recent years, New Orleans has experienced an extraordinary revival. It’s a city that’s always on the go, full of music and busy nightlife – certainly one of the most exciting cities you can visit in the United States. A good place to start your day is at the historic French Market. Located in the heart of New Orleans, this French Market is a great place to experience local culture and sample various delicacies. 

You can stop by the Café du Monde for coffee and beignets (deep-fried dough), but you should also try some local seafood, like oysters or crawfish. There’s nothing better than a stroll through this most famous of all streets, where you can eat, be merry, and listen to live music.

The best way to fully enjoy these experiences while keeping your vacation costs low? Taking your RV to New Orleans! For a place to stay and leave your RV, check out French Quarter RV Park, Pontchartrain RV Resort, or Bayou Segnette State Park. Keep in mind that New Orleans’ historic streets are quite narrow, so it’s better to explore them on foot.

And since you’ll travel in your own RV, you’ll be able to explore the more remote wonders of Louisiana as well, including the Oak Alley Plantation, Jungle Gardens, Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve, or Kisatchie National Forest.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

If you’re an adventurer who loves hiking and exploring nature, then there’s no better destination than Grand Canyon National Park! Here you can hike across various trails and see breathtaking views of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. If you really want to get off the beaten path, then you should consider going on Havasu Falls Trail; it will take you to Havasu Falls, which is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of North America. To get to Havasu Falls, you’ll have to endure a strenuous hike through the canyon, so make sure you’re well prepared and can handle such a trip. 

Don’t hesitate to take your RV to explore this fantastic destination. The South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park has a campground with full hook-ups inside the park. Trailer Village (run by a concessioner, not the National Park Service) can accommodate RVs up to 50 feet in length.


Vermont is a mesmerizing state that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a dream world. It’s a place where you can try many sports and activities, including skiing or hiking in the Vermont mountains, depending on the season and your preferences. If you really want to get away from it all, then head over to Vermont’s the Northeast Kingdom. This area is known for its beautiful lakes and rivers and offers perfect opportunities for fishing or just sunbathing on its beaches. If you want to go boating or canoeing, this is definitely the place! 

To make your vacation even more exciting and unforgettable, head over to Kingdom Trails. Here you can ride your mountain bike along over 85 miles of single and double track. If that doesn’t sound like enough for you, you can always decide to hike to the top of Mount Mansfield. This mountain is one of the highest peaks in Vermont and offers stunning views of Lake Champlain and its surrounding areas.

When visiting the Northeast Kingdom, consider heading to Sugar Ridge RV Village & Campground. If you’re heading to Kingdom Trails, you can park in Kingdom Campground, and if you plan to hike Mount Mansfield or explore the surrounding forests, Sunset Rock RV Park or Maple Ground Campground may be a good place to stay.

Redwood National Park, California

In northern California, you can find Redwood National Park – a vast forest filled with trees that are more than 1,000 years old. The coast redwood and Douglas-fir are the two dominant trees of the old-growth redwood forest. The tallest known redwood tree is 379 feet tall, located in the Redwood Creek watershed, and is a must-see if you decide to visit. Redwood National Park offers plenty of outdoor activities for visitors who want to explore this unique environment. You can go hiking among these gigantic trees or take a stroll along their boardwalks. You can even go rafting along Redwood Creek. If you want to avoid crowds, visit Redwood National Park in spring.

There are no restaurants or lodging facilities within Redwood National and State Parks boundaries, making it an excellent reason to travel there in your RV. You will be able to stop in towns like Crescent City, Klamath, and Orick adjacent to the park. In Crescent City, you will find Lighthouse Cove RV Park and Bayside RV Park. In Klamath, there are Klamath River RV Park and Klamath’s Camper Corral, both highly rated on Google reviews. Orick can offer you Elk Country RV Resort & Campground, which is a campground that’s set on numerous acres featuring a lake, creek & hiking trails.


You can never go wrong with visiting any of the amazing destinations listed above! Taking your RV for such an adventure is a perfect way to curate your own ideal travel experience and is the best way to explore popular destinations and nature’s wonders. 

The above list details things you can do in places like New Orleans, Grand Canyon National Park, the small but extraordinary state of Vermont, or the astonishing gem of the east coast – Redwood National Park. By traveling there with your RV, you can be sure that your trip will be all you’ve ever dreamed of and more. Bon voyage!