Commercial kitchen wall shelving 

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Commercial kitchen wall shelving is nothing new. If there are any components in the warehouse, they will be completed with metal. In any catering kitchen, you need to constantly keep a lot of items on hand from inventory and utensils to detergents and disinfectants. Needless to say, even food that does not require storage in the refrigerator still needs to be placed somewhere. Make sure to look at culinary supply store near me


But the most important advantage of a commercial kitchen wall shelving is that it can be installed not only in a professional kitchen in catering establishments, but also in a home kitchen. More and more modern kitchens and not only are equipped in high-tech style, because every minute technologies are advancing, and it is metal shelves that will perfectly fit into the overall style of the room. Kitchen steel wall shelves save housewives a lot of space, because they are not so overall.

What are the pluses of commercial kitchen wall shelving?

Such systems are open steel wall shelves with one or more levels. Due to the strong wall fastening, they are able to withstand significant weight, while the open design allows you to access the necessary equipment without any hassle. The main advantages of stainless steel shelves:

  • Practical and visual placement of everything you need.
  • Easy to wash and clean.
  • Large maximum load weight.
  • Such wall shelves are harmless and do not emit toxic substances, direct contact with food is allowed.
  • The ability to hang on the wall in the place where the floor space is already occupied by other equipment.
  • Another reason to install stainless steel kitchen shelves wall mounted is the ability to replace bulky and uncomfortable wall cabinets so as not to pull the doors in search of the desired item.

Despite the fact that they look fragile at first glance, they can actually withstand quite heavy kitchen items. 

Stainless restaurant shelving can be attributed to the neutral equipment for the kitchen, because it is not used directly for cooking, but only serves as an auxiliary equipment (neutral). Commercial kitchen wall shelving can be of open hinged type (mainly used for placing dishes, much less often for laying out food and dishes) they are made in the form of kerchief shelves, shelves on special brackets, etc. Hinged shelves are also used for drying dishes, but in this case, a metal shelf is more like a hanging dish drying rack, in which washed dishes are installed, and there is a small drip tray below for flowing water.

At the same time, stainless steel kitchen shelves wall mounted can be placed where it is impossible to install any other equipment, which is confirmed by user reviews. Stainless restaurant shelving is always a great investment.  If you choose and buy them correctly, paying attention to the characteristics of the production material, brand, number of tiers, you will have at your disposal an eternal industrial piece of furniture.