Planning an outdoor wedding? Here’s five crucial things you don’t want to miss

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Summer is the most popular time of the year to host a wedding in the UK, with Statista figures showing that June, July,  August, and September saw the most marriages in 2018. 

Many of these events are likely to take place outside. Yet, despite the comparatively sunny skies, warm weather and lush, leafy surroundings, there are some crucial things to remember when planning your big day so that it’s as relaxed and hitch-free as possible. Find out our five top tips below to ensure that. 

Book in advance

As one of the most popular times of year for weddings, you will almost certainly find that houses to rent for weddings, vendors, and officiants
will become unavailable very soon into the year, so booking well in advance can help reduce your anxiety. Priorities important things like food and beverage, tables and chairs. Also, don’t forget to provide enought restrooms, check out portable toilet rentals, like Viking Rental.

To increase your chances of getting the services you want, list multiple fallback options when you do your research, thereby minimising your chances of getting stuck with food, entertainment, or a location you’re not too keen on.

Have a back-up

If there’s one thing that’s certain on our little island in the North Atlantic, it’s that UK weather is entirely unpredictable, owing in part to its location between freezing polar and warm tropical air currents. 

As a result, make sure your venue has a backup option available to you on the day you plan your outdoor wedding. Outdoor gazebos can be a great way to offer shade from the sun or protection from light showers if you really want to stay outside – ready for the inevitable moment five minutes later when the weather turns glorious again!

Ensure you have funds available

It’s smart to examine your finances just as far in advance as your vendors and location. If you don’t, you could find yourself reliant on goodwill or the need to gain extra employment so you can pay up. If you fail to do this, big elements of your day may be compromised or, even worse, you may be pursued for the funds in court. 

Consider weather-appropriate clothing

Nobody wants to be boiling in a suit on a warm day, but you equally don’t want anyone rocking up in their beach shorts. As such, when choosing a dress code, consider recommending lighter fabrics and colours. Always have some umbrellas close to hand, just in case the heavens open on your guests.

Plan strategically

There are lots of strategic specifics to consider that can help keep your outdoor summer wedding running smoothly. From choosing foods that hold up well in heat, to lining up your ceremony times with the peak or lowest point of the sun, all the way to choosing a location away from standing water (and midges), think hard about how your day will progress and where.

So, there you have it. With the five tips above, you should be well on your way to enjoying a fabulous summer wedding. What do you think is a key consideration for a balmy betrothal? Let us know in the comments section.