6 Sweet Ideas for a Perfect Birthday Party within Your Budget

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Birthdays are fun, and they bring our close family and friends together to celebrate our life milestones. But to be honest, throwing a big and memorable birthday party will cost you a lot of money. Have you ever seen celebrities’ birthday parties for their kids and families? Well, they are admirable but cost thousands of dollars. However, even if you live on a budget, you can still hold a great birthday party and even stand out from the crew on your big day. 

How? Below are six sweet ideas for a perfect birthday party within a budget worth checking out.

1. Come up with a DIY theme

Every birthday party should have a theme that resonates with the celebrated person. However, theme birthday parties are super expensive and can drain your account if you choose an over-the-top birthday party theme. So, how can you downsize the amount you spend creating a birthday theme? 

  • Choose an easy theme that you can DIY. For example, if you want everything at the birthday to have the same theme style, including plates and cups. Buy plain plates, cups, and stickers of your birthday characters separately. Then stick them on the plates and cups.
  • Instead of buying themed balloons, consider buying them in colors of the theme character and create your decor with them using a laser cutter .
  • Instead of baking an entire themed cake, how about you stick the image at the top with a skewer or have it laminated on the cake as it is cheaper.

2. Shop for a dress at a discount

An elegant dress for your big day is a must-have to complement your theme. So, figure out the dress you want to wear before searching for the best store to buy it from. There are online shops that sell extravagant dresses for events like birthdays. Therefore, if you are looking for a cute birthday dress on a budget, search the internet for the style and color of the dress you need. For example, if you want to wear a short dress for a birthday party, search for “short dresses on a budget,” You will get dress ideas to choose from. You can find more in Savavia, where you can get a 10 percent discount on your first purchase.

3. Minimize your guests’ list

 Some celebrations like birthdays can be intimate whereby you only invite the closest people to you. It could be a family or friends only birthday celebration. This way, you will minimize the amount of money you spend on your birthday, and it would be easier to interact with the guests. For example, you can have a birthday party that kids will not attend.

4. Pick a theme for the party

Deciding the theme of a party in advance will keep you from getting headaches while preparing for the birthday event. You can easily DIY some decorations, which will help you to reduce the cost of decorations. However, some decorations can not be replaced. For instance, if you are throwing a superhero party, you can add to your decorations real-size superhero custom inflatable characters, which will make your little one’s birthday unique. You can also add themed bounce houses to your garden and keep your guests entertained for a long time.

5. Have a home party instead

Instead of hiring a venue to hold your birthday party, why don’t you have it at your home? This is a great idea if you have space outdoors to arrange your decor and the birthday pieces. Depending on where you have ample space to accommodate your people, you can have a pool birthday party or a garden party. Also, if you have a friend or relative who has a better space to hold a party, talk to them and borrow the space to celebrate your birthday.

6. Pick an off-meal time

Yes, you cannot invite your guests and fail to give them something to eat, but choose when your guests arrive when full since you are saving on your expenditure. You can serve them drinks and finger snacks which will cost you much less than when you prepare the full course meals. Depending on the number of people you will be inviting, you can prepare these snacks at home or ask someone to help you prepare them.

7. Make your invitations

If you love to create your artwork at home, you can employ your creativity here. You can make your invitation cards as long as you have a printer around and a computer. There are multiple software tools on computers that you can use to decorate the birthday invitation cards, and you get to make them define your taste and preferences. 


You don’t need to go overboard with your birthday preparations. With the above six ideas, you can still prepare for a great birthday within your budget. So, make use of these ideas and minimize the expenditure. Seek help from your family or friends, especially when preparing decors or cooking snacks for your guests.