What To Expect During Your First Massage Therapy Session

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Massage can be something you might wonder about if you have never experienced one.  It is a great way to get rid of stress.  There are many other health benefits like helping with muscular pain and soreness, but also reducing the heart rate and improving immune function.  There are studies that say that physical touch increases levels of serotonin and dopamine.  These two things help regulate the mood and can help alleviate anxiety and stress.  Before getting a massage, you might be asking yourself, what should I expect during this new thing?

Questions You Might Have

If you have never had a massage given by a professional licensed massage therapist, you are in for a treat.  Massage Lexington KY wants to set your mind at ease.  You may have questions about what to expect like, will my modesty be protected, should I take all my clothes off, or what if the pressure is too much.  You are able to undress to your comfort level.  It is not unusual for someone to be completely unclothed on the massage table.  A licensed massage therapist has been trained on how to protect your modesty by draping you with a sheet.  A professional therapist will ask about the pressure to confirm that the pressure is okay.  Also, at any time during the massage, you should feel comfortable enough to comment or correct on the amount of pressure.

What Happens when You Arrive at Massage Lexington KY

When arriving at Massage Lexington KY for the first time, you will fill out an intake form.  It helps the spa know more about you and some basic information about your health.  It’s important to inform Massage Lexington KY of any health conditions that could impact your massage.  Also, this is a good time to describe what is bothering you in the way of aches and pains.  At the same time you are introduced to the massage therapist.  If you have any direct questions for them, this is a good time to discuss.  All health information given is confidential.

The Massage Room

Next you are shown to a massage room.  There any last details are discussed, concerning anything the therapist should know about your physical state, that could affect the massage.  You will be left alone in the room to get undressed, to your comfort level, and you will get under the sheet.  The sheet is used for draping. The massage therapist will only uncover the area that they are working on.  You will want to make sure you are between the sheets. If there is a blanket, it is usually sitting on top of the sheet.  Make sure you are covered before the therapist enters the room.

Enjoy Your Massage

Now that it is time for your massage, the massage therapist will knock lightly, and enter the room.  Always communicate with your therapist because your comfort is the primary reason you are there.  If the pressure is too much, do not feel intimidated to mention it.  Massage Lexington KY works indifferent people who prefer different pressure types.  Enjoy your massage! At the end, the therapist leaves, you get dressed, and resume your day.