How To Get Inexpensive or Free Mulch

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Mulch can really be magical. I have this dream of having mulch ( the brown wood bits on the ground) all over the garden. Mulch helps with water retention and stop weeds from growing plus I think it looks very nice and clean. You can see how our garden is coming along.

This is what it looked like before –

See the difference! If you go to your local shop mulch can run you about $4 per bag – which is too expensive for us. So I searched how to save on mulch and I have one inexpensive option and one free.

How to get inexpensive mulch

I signed up for ALL the local newsletters of my local stores. By checking weekly on the flyers I found that Home Depot had mulch for $2 per bag ( no longer live). We filled the van with mulch – about 20 bags. Another option is buying mulch in large bulk.

How To Get Mulch for Free

This option I can really help with! I hate to say that Eric will not let me do this one. So there is a company called ChipDrop. They are a middle man between you and arborists that take down trees. The trees come down and they chip it up and bring it to your home for FREE! These wood chips can be used anywhere you need them. The potential problems and why Eric has said no to this option – you do not know how much you will receive – you could receive a LARGE amount. Also you do not know if the tree was diseased. But this is a great option I think. You can also messaging local arborists and see if they have chips you can pick up. Local free and trade groups might be an option as well. Honestly if I need something I also ask my local group and usually someone has it.