8 Impressive Tips to Cut Streaming Budget

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You will find fewer people saying that they don’t like to stream. However, if you ask if they are ready to pay big bucks, the answer will be a no. Almost everyone wants to save some money in any way. 

The same is the case with streaming services. Streaming services cost a lot these days. So, let’s look at some impressive tips to cut your streaming budget.


1) Re-calculate value for money 

If you have three or more streaming services at a time, you might want to see which service gives you the most value for money. You would like to keep all of them at that moment, but do not make a decision based on sentiments only. 

You might want to look a little at the statistics too. You can check,

  • How often do you use the app/website,
  • How much is it costing you as compared to others,
  • What about the versatility of application,

You can perform a detailed analysis of these steps to see if you need the streaming application or not.

2) Always buy subscriptions for 1-3 months

This idea might sound more expensive to some people, but it is not. You can buy subscriptions for a shorter duration, plan what you want to see, and renew after 3-4 months.

You have to plan your binges to save money. For example, if your favorite TV show or movie is about to come after two months, there is no point in buying a subscription today. You can save some money for two months to renew that subscription.

I also recommend not buying all subscriptions at a time. You can buy Netflix for this month, utilize it properly and then switch to some other service the next month.


3) Make the best out of free trials

Almost every streaming service offers a free trial. If you plan wisely, you might be able to binge-watch a movie series or TV show free of cost. If you manage to do so, do not forget to add a cancellation reminder to your calendar.


4) Avoid premium subscriptions

I see many people who have a Netflix premium plan and still watch it on a Tab or phone. There is no point in paying extra money to stream content in 4K when your devices can not give you a 4K experience.

Another reason people buy premium plans is Ads. I agree that ads can be annoying, but are they worth paying extra money? You can utilize that time by doing a lot of tasks like folding laundry, going to the washroom, grabbing something to eat, packing your bag, etc. You will find more tasks like these once you start looking for them. Then, you can complete them during ads.


5) Sharing is caring when it comes to subscriptions

No, I am not asking you to give your subscriptions to your friends or family. If you have a Netflix subscription and it allows you to have three user profiles, you might want to ask someone if they need it. 

Similarly, if your friend has a Hotstar subscription, you might want to share your accounts. But please take a good look at the application’s policies before doing this.


6) Always check for free content

Many platforms give you content for free. However, we do not want to put extra effort to find it. You might have to cope with ads, but that is worth it if you can save some money.

For instance, if you are using a streaming device like Amazon Firestick, you might want to look at this free IPTV provides free streams to live TV channels. You can also refer to the same list if you wish to stream free content on your Android device.


7) Make full use of Credit Cards

You can get handsome cash backs on credit cards compared to debit cards. Credit cards give you cashback very often when you buy a streaming service or renew it.

If you do not have a credit card, I suggest you have one. And if your credit card does not offer any cashback, you might want to explore some other options.


8)  Find as many deals as possible

Many streaming services give discounts to students. If you are a student, you might want to take full advantage of these discounts. Also, if your data provider gives you a free subscription for a higher plan, that might save you more money with a better internet speed of course.


You might see more methods to save money on the internet, but these methods were the most reliable. You can follow these to save yourself some money and time as well.