10 Disney-Inspired Projects to Try at Home

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You don’t have to do a lot of searching to be inspired by the magic of Disney. Both kids and adults can have a fun time by doing any project with a Disney touch. It doesn’t take a lot of materials, and the results will always have a special touch.

1. Southern Goodness

Tiana’s Beignets are good enough to capture the heart of any man. They are puffed up donuts tossed with deliciously addictive powdered sugar. The ingredients are few, and home-made beignet kits come with everything in one package.

2. A New Way to Hear

Every elementary school student knows how to use paper plates to make Mickey and Minnie mouse ears. As a home project, this lets you experiment with a little more freedom. Add whatever colors and accessories needed, and proudly display the finished project on the wall. 

3. Mousepad

A mousepad isn’t truly alive until it is Disney themed. Buy a simple black or white mousepad and turn it into your favorite Disney character. You can even step it up and add LED lights for a cool night time effect. 

4. Tree Ornaments

A Disney tree ornament adds a little direction compared to the usual instructions of ‘make an ornament’. Now you can recreate your favorite scene from a movie and freeze it in time on the Christmas tree. 

5. Themed Shirts

Making t-shirts for fun has been around for years, so it is no surprise that Disney themed shirts are still the best. You can buy full kits to get started, but that is only the beginning. Since the Disney catalogue keeps growing, the number of kits available has expanded to its highest number ever. 

6. Clean Up a Little

Do you have pens and pencils scattered everywhere in the house? Make a dedicated holder in the name of your favorite movie. Buying it brand new would cost a lot of money, but making it from scratch is nothing more than pocket change. 

7. Memories Forever

Sometimes buying and decorating a journal has a lot of extra meaning. Sharing thoughts and feelings should be viewed as an activity rather than an assignment. By personalizing a journal with the Disney touch, you create a space that is perfect for getting away. 

8. Light Switch

The faceplates for light switches were made for DIY projects. You don’t need to have a room with a theme to appreciate the small difference it makes. Some favorites in this area are Finding Nemo and Frozen. 

9. Upgrade Those Shoes

The amount of content put out by Disney is hard to keep up with. Kids will like Cars one week, and Cinderella the next.  Removable stickers on plain shoes are easy, fun and will save you a ton of money. 

10. Door Signs

Door signs are the most flexible Disney DIY project on the list. You can use paper, cardboard, wood or even a dry eraser board. With a little skill, you can even make a placeholder for the sign that can be used to hold new Disney signs each day. 

Unlimited Fun

When you’re stuck at home and bored, try any of these projects to lighten the mood. You don’t need any special tools to get started, and there are no rules that say it has to be perfect. With a little imagination, anything can turn into a super fun Disney project.