Features Best Washer Should Have

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Normally, we choose a washer based on its price, size and load capacity, and brand. These days, washers are equipped with several features that make the daunting laundry day more bearable. 

If you plan to take a lesser trip to laundry service and create a laundry room at home, knowing which features are best to look for a washer is best. 

The major differentiating factors of a washer are its:

  • Loading types: Front-type and top-load washers have their differences. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Function types: You have to check the type of function that suits your needs. It could be fully automatic or semi-automatic. 
  • Capacity: Load capacity is essential to know. It gives you an idea of how many loads it takes to finish your pile of laundry.

Apart from these significant factors, you have to check if the washer has these features:


Front-load washers are ideal for laundry room layouts, even for laundry shops. However, old models of front-load washers have a significant drawback: the doors do not open and allow the addition of overlooked items after the wash cycle begins.

Thankfully, new washers have an added emergency-door feature. It is a small “second-chance” door that allows you to add overlooked items. You do not have to run a new cycle for the forgotten items.

Automatic Tumble, Sensor Washer

Sometimes we are not around when the machine finishes and stops the cycle, and you cannot unload the washing machine as soon as it stops. New washers have sensors and automatically tumble the clothes periodically to keep the laundry load fresh and wrinkle-free.

Apart from that, the sensors can determine the need for each load and release optimal wash settings and water levels.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

What makes laundry day daunting is you are glued to your laundry room, waiting to switch loads. A smart washer with Wi-Fi connectivity can monitor load cycles through a smartphone app. You do not have to wait and listen to when the machine stops. 

Energy-Star Certified Washer

These days there are front-load and top-loader washers that are energy-star certified. Energy-star certified washers reduce energy consumption by 25%, while water consumption by 35%. Moreover, it uses less water, detergent, and energy. Although energy-star certified washers are expensive, it saves you in the long run. 

Self-Cleaning Washer

You have to clean your washers regularly to ensure optimum laundry results, especially at laundry pickup and delivery services; they have to deal with several washers. That’s why having a self-cleaning washer is a luxury. 

A self-cleaning washer keeps the bin fresh and odor-free. It has a built-in alarm system that notifies you when the self-cleaning cycle is about to finish.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, there is an overwhelming number of washers available in the market. Each of these washers differe in capacity, load, function, and features. You have to check the significant specifications and features of each washer that brings to your attention. Consider which of them suits your laundry needs.