How to Affordably Brighten Up Your Interior Design

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Nothing packs a punch like paint. 

You can ditch the thick curtains or hang a mirror to brighten a room. 

However, there are a few simple and affordable interior painting services that you should also consider. Check them out!

Go Light Or Bold With Painted Cabinets

The one thing about having cabinets in a room is that they are incredibly versatile in color. Painted cabinets can take a room from dark and dull to vibrant and inviting. 

As one of the most popular interior design services, painting cabinets does need some consideration before choosing a color. You must consider other colors in the room – such as wall color, floor, furniture, and appliances. If you already have many colors, a neutral tone like gray will often work best. If you want to go bolder, yellow, sky blue, and mint green are all light colors that can create an airy vibe. 

Lighten and Brighten The Room With Painted Ceilings 

White walls will make the room look brighter, and the same goes for ceilings. Often known as the forgotten wall, the color of the ceiling allows for a lot of creativity in the room. 

The ceiling plays a huge role in the overall vibe and feel of the room. Choosing a light color can help the room feel bigger, while darker hues make it smaller. The trick to making smaller rooms with low ceilings feel light and bright is to keep the color contrast between the top and walls to a minimum. 

If your walls are dark and your white ceiling, the space can still look dark and small. However, the room can appear larger and brighter if you have an off-white top paired with pale-colored walls. While you have the choice to paint the ceiling any color, white is often the most popular color. It works well with most color schemes, reflects light, and accentuates other colors in the room. 

Subtle or Dramatic Trim For The Room 

If you’re like most people, when you paint the walls of a room, you tape the trim. It’s just what we’ve always done! But look at the space and notice the trim – baseboards, crown molding, and door and window trim – there’s a lot to work with. 

The color you choose to paint these often forgotten areas will impact the room’s entire aesthetic. You can paint the walls and trim the same color to help unify the space, or you can contrast the colors to help define it. The effect of your color scheme can be dramatic or subtle. A higher gloss on the trim will instantly lighten the room as it reflects natural light. 


One of the most affordable ways to lighten and brighten a room is with interior painting services. 

A gallon of paint on the walls, cabinets, ceilings, and trim can make a massive difference in the look and feel of any room. Now that you have ideas on how to brighten your interior design on a budget, find a color scheme that fits your unique style and personality!