Laundry Made Better with Energy Star

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I love new household tech that saves energy, saves time and saves money.  It’s the big three that all innovators of new tech have been looking for since the word progress was invented.  Since Best Buy is committed to making a positive difference in its communities and to the overall environment it is my first choice in shopping for new tech like Kitchen appliances, household devices and of course laundry.  One of the ways Best Buy continually honors this commitment is through its wide arrangement of energy efficient products, especially ENERGY STAR ® certified electronics and appliances. Laundry machines are one of those types of new appliances that seem to get improved upon time and time again and now, It is absolutely incredible what these washers and dryers are capable of.


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Obviously ENERGY STAR saves money, by saving power and ultimately cutting down your electric bill.  That same efficiency works for the environment as well; But did you know that ENERGY STAR laundry machines are also better for your clothes?  That’s because they are designed more sophisticated and be gentler in the wash plus use sensor drying and less heat which reduces damage caused over time by over drying.


When you do your shopping for new laundry appliances it makes sense for convenience sake, as well as financial and environmental incentives to buy ENERGY STAR certified machines with advanced features that deliver superior efficiency.  Specifically, I mean 25% and 20% more efficient than standard models.  The expected savings over your lifetime with the washer alone is $490, or 33,000 gallons of water!


Some of the advanced features that make life so much better with ENERGY STAR certified top loading washing machines are Sophisticated wash systems that avoid excessive use of water or detergent by cycling clothes through a mixture of the two.  The front loading configuration is also available, tumbling clothes through just a small amount of water with no central agitator.  High spin speeds by more efficient motors means less dry time due to a larger amount of the water being extracted.  These machines are so gentle on your clothes hand washables such as silk and wool are safe to clean in thes front load and advanced top load washers.


You can save even more by combining the washer with an ENERGY STAR certified dryer is even a better savings and reduces carbon pollution.  Look for the “energy saving” selection, the setting that uses low heat to conserve energy.  Another great feature to look for in ENERGY STAR dryers is the wrinkle preventing steam cycle which is even more convenient.


You can find out more on the Best Buy Blog here.


I love finding out how these energy and environment saving advancements make boring chores easier and more rewarding.