AIG American General Life Insurance Review

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Insurances are the backup that we all have to deal with the unexpected events that life puts us in sometimes. Health, vehicle, life and there are plethoras of other aspects in an individual’s life which he can get insured to keep them safe. However, it is significant that you get the right insurance plan from a reliable insurance provider to enjoy maximum benefits. 

People started getting inclined towards getting insurance as they understood the uncertainty that they have in life. Hence, plethoras of insurance companies were introduced into the market, with claims to provide the best cover. However, not everyone is what they claim to be. If you want life insurance that offers timely claims, you need someone like AIG. Read this AIG life insurance review, and you will get convinced enough to explore their policies. 

About AIG

AIG, American International Group, is a renowned insurance company serving nearly 100 countries worldwide. Their brand AIG life provides varied options for life insurance to people across the globe with competitive coverage plans and affordable premiums. The company is listed with New York Stock Exchange and has all necessary accreditations to prove itself a legit and user-friendly organization. Moreover, lakhs of people associated with them under varied insurance plans are proof of their credibility and an assurance that you can stick with them.

Usps Of Aig Insurance Plans

There are multiple reasons to think no further than AIG life when you want life insurance with a vision to secure the life of your loved ones after they are gone. Some of the perks are listed below.

Options Available

AIG have multiple insurance plans. You can get the cover for your whole life, not specifying when you die or till what age the insurance stands valid. Additionally, you can get an increasing or decreasing term plan under which the premium varies as per your age. So, you get a chance to choose the plan that suits you the most and sign up for it.

Promising Scores

AIG life ranks higher than many of its competitors when it is about claiming a payout, transparency of process and coverage scope. The claim requests get handled on time, and the insurer does not have to get involved in a lengthy process. Claim rejections are negligible, but the document and the proposals do get checked thoroughly before approving the requests. 

Customer Support

One thing that every customer associated with AIG life would second with is their excellent customer service. You can reach out to the team with any query, and they will readily answer them all, clearing your doubts. If your concern is related to what kind of insurance plan would be apt for you, expect to get a detailed discussion, and you will have the best plan at the end of it. However, if your query is about the claim or anything else, rest assured that it will get resolved immediately.

Credibility Factor

After you read this AIG life insurance review in detail, you would have inferred that it is a reliable company. Their ratings on various authority websites are outstanding, and their reviews speak a lot about their service quality. Hence, as far as the market reputation is concerned, you can put your bets on AIG life.

In the end, you can say that AIG is synonymous with a safe and productive life insurance plan that puts you at ease. Check out their available plans and choose the one that suits you to stay safe against the uncertainties in life.