Top 6 countries with free education

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Education is not a commodity, but it has unfortunately become one in many parts of the globe. Students from low-income backgrounds have been unable to access quality higher education in many countries. There is no reason to despair or feel depressed. There are many options to study abroad if you have ambition, a strong educational record, and a competitive mindset. Best option? Look for countries that offer free education. This is an important point to make.

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Many of the top programs in the world are offered by countries that offer free education. Let’s now look at countries that offer free higher education.


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Germany is one of the most innovative nations in the EU and it would not be a complete list of countries that offer free education. Germany is a country that welcomes international students, who wish to study abroad free of charge. German universities offer over 1,000 English-language programs, which is a testament to their commitment to international students.

Some universities offer a 100% fee waiver to international students as of last year. These include Heidelberg University and Technical University of Munich, Karlsruher Institute of Technology and Humboldt University of Berlin.


Norway is one of the most populous countries that offers free college. The majority of Norwegian universities are publicly funded. You can study and enroll at public universities in Norway. Norway is a country that believes in equality education and offers free education to both EU and non-EU students.

Some universities require students to make a deposit (refundable) in order to cover their living expenses. The top universities in Norway that offer free tuition are Bergen University College, University of Nordland and Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Oslo and Akershus University College of applied Sciences are also among them.


Ireland is an island in the British Isle. It has a rich history and culture. It is estimated that the country spends more than 800 million euros annually on higher education. Higher education is free for EU and Irish students. Students who aren’t from the region can apply for scholarships that waive 100% fees. A good consultant will be able to help you in this area. You can enroll in 100% free education at the University of Limerick and Cork Institute of Technology.


You can study in Sweden if you have a passport from the EU/EEA/Switzerland. Students from non-EU countries usually pay tuition fees for both undergrad and postgrad programs. How can you afford to study in Sweden? You can get free education if you apply for exchange programs and study at universities that are partnered with Swedish universities. International students can also apply for scholarships such as the Lund University Global Scholarship Programme and Stockholm University Scholarship Scheme.

Additionally, many Ph.D. programs are offered by Swedish universities. These programs are free to all students and offer a salary. Many of these programs offer English-language research and many include paid positions.


Denmark is another country where education is free, but it is only available to EU/EAA students. International students may be able to have tuition fees waived if they are able to get into a Danish university as part of an exchange program.

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Finland is another country which offers free education to EU students. Finland was one country that provided education for free to all, regardless of where they were from until 2017. You can still study in Finland for free if you have excellent financial aid. If you are an international student (Non EU), you can still study in Finland free of charge if your program is taught in Finnish or Swedish.