How To Choose An Energy Supplier When Switching

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Switching energy suppliers can be beneficial in a couple of different ways. By switching and comparing electric companies in PA, you can find one that offers you cheaper rates or one that is more reliable. You can also find one that is converting over to all renewable resources. The reason that you are changing is up to you, but you need to make sure that you pay attention to a couple of things when you are ready to make the move. 


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  • Budget – Check your budget to see how much you can afford to spend on energy. You should have enough income to cover it since you have been paying on your other account (if you are not paid up, do so before trying to switch). If you do not have a budget, you must download a free template and set up one. It will help in this situation and every other aspect of your financial life.
  • Talk To your Current Provider – You should call your current provider and tell them that you are thinking about switching energy suppliers and tell them why. They may offer you a great deal to keep your business; if not, they do not want your money, so move on to the next step. If you are switching from them because of bad service or terrible customer service, you can skip this step because no matter what they offer you, it will not be worth staying. 
  • How Much Will It Cost – If you are still in a contract with your current provider, you need to see if they plan on charging you an early leave fee. This may be a decent chunk of change, so if they charge you, it may benefit you to wait until your contract is completed before you change to a new one.
  • Compare Providers – Not all providers are the same, even though you would think that energy is energy. You want to go to an online comparison site like iSelect and let them do the hard work. They will use their platform to go through all their partners to find some that will work with you. They will send you some offers you need to go through to find the one that works best for you. 
  • Contract – Read the entire offer/contract to ensure there are no clauses added to it that could jack your rates up. Do not skip over any of the fine print, if there is any, and watch for any wording or numbers that will let you know that the prices will go up. Obviously, you need to account for the changes in the market because unless you are on a fixed amount, you will see the costs go up and down throughout the contract’s life. This is normal, so you can ignore that section of the agreement.
  • Renewable Energy – An essential part of life today is to leave the smallest footprint on the Earth as you can. If you have this mindset (or even if you don’t), you need to see if the providers you are considering use renewable energy options or even if they are in the process of switching over. Eventually, the worldwide goals will require all the producers to switch over, but for now, they do their best while trying to switch over. 

Once you have gone through these steps and decided upon a new energy provider, you will need to call and set it up. Do this before you cancel your current power; otherwise, you may be out of electricity for a day or two. Once you verify when the new service can be hooked up, let your current provider know that it needs to be shut off on their end on the same day.

That is all that there is to it. You now have a new service provider. You want to do this process every year when your contract is done because you may be able to find an even better deal the following year.