Best Places to Raise a kid in Ireland

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Combine safety with a buoyant economy, top-rated schools, infrastructures, and beautiful sceneries that look out of a fairy tale, and you have the Republic of Ireland. The Emerald Isle is among the safest places in the world, and it’s good news for anyone looking to raise kids. With appropriate Irish immigration advice, you and the kids can make any location your home in Ireland.

While there is no doubt that Ireland is generally safe, we would love to be more specific about which places in Ireland are best for raising kids. Some of the things we consider before choosing these locations are; access to educational establishments, transportation networks, healthcare, and entertainment facilities for kids.

1. Howth, County Dublin

Call it a village, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But this doesn’t change the narrative that Howth is one place you’ll love your kids to grow up. Residents of the community are generally warm and receptive, and houses are spacious and have gardens. Sure, expect a flowery environment.

Three top-notch primary schools serve kids in the area, and three post-primary schools at close quarters. There are few health centers in the community to meet the populace’s needs. Fortunately, Dublin is less than an hour’s drive from the townlet for anyone seeking other institutions or advanced healthcare.

Parents are at ease with their children hanging out in any of the ten children’s parks in the area. Besides, the Howth castle never ceases to dazzle the kids as they relieve tales from their story books. You can work in the city and live here with your children.

2. Westport, County Mayo

Everything looks enchanting in Westport, a town in County Mayo. The scenery is captivating, and children would choose this place without a thought. It’s not just about the environment; here are more reasons you’ll also fall in line with their choice.

Firstly, kids would have lots of fun in this area as there are several places of interest. Two of the most notable ones include the Pirate Adventure Park at Westport House and The Great Western Greenway for kids that love to cycle.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the community is cooperative, and residents uphold a strong community spirit. The several voluntary associations are enough proof of this claim.

As for education, primary schools and post-primary institutions are serving the community. Meanwhile, Mayo County is only 23km from the town and is accessible by bus, taxi, and car.



3. Galway

If cities interest you, Galway should be your first point of call. The city currently ranks 6th among Europe’s best cities to raise a family after considering Education, Health & Safety, and Leisure & Lifestyle.

Children can access as many as thirty primary academies and ten secondary schools. Also, there are twenty-eight higher institutions ranging from colleges to universities, including the prestigious Galway University. That’s saying your children are well-covered.

Furthermore, there is no shortage of recreation facilities and fun spots. For example, there are over 30 public parks, the most notable being the Millennium Children’s Park, theatres, museums restaurants, and many shops.

Roads are excellent, and scores of health centers serve the populace. What more can you possibly wish for your family?

4. Kenmare, County Kerry

If you want everything quiet and peaceful for your kids, look no further than Kenmare. The town isn’t exactly large and contains about 2,400 residents. Locals are catered for education-wise by the several elementary schools, post-elementary schools, and two higher institutions in the townlet.

Health care centers in Kenmare are sufficient to take care of the populace. Meanwhile, netizens can always access Kerry County for whatever is lacking in less than an hour through the town’s decent road network.

In addition, there are lots of restaurants and getaways for kids in the neighborhood. These include three parks and playgrounds, Dromquinna, the Muckross Riding Stables, and Pet Farm, to mention a few. If your children fancy horseriding, the expanse of the countryside is just perfect.

5. Waterford

You would wonder if nature crafted this place because of the kids. Waterford city is home to Ireland’s longest Greenway, which is good news for cycling enthusiasts. There is no end to the number of gardens and fun spots for kids in this municipality. Founded by the Vikings, the city has many historic sites for kids to explore.

There are several institutions to care for elementary and secondary needs. However, the city has only one higher institution, the Waterford Institute of Technology. You’ll also find several healthcare centers for your needs across the city. Don’t worry. You can’t have any problem moving around thanks to the excellent road network.


We have no doubt the kids would love wherever you’ve chosen, but it’s okay to begin crafting the world for them together with your spouse. Why not apply for a spouse visa once to get your partner over?

Besides, you can visit any of the places on our list to see things for yourself. We trust you to make the best choice of location for your kids in the end.