Harvesting 9 Pounds of Golden Plums

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I have been waiting for this all year. We have a plum tree that has the most lovely golden plums. They are a bit on the smaller side ( not sure why – it is a dwarf tree. I did try thinning out the plums when they were small – took about 1/2 off the tree hoping in larger fruit but no luck.

You can see how overloaded it is. I was afraid the branch would break.

We actually have been eating plums off the tree for the last week or so ( about 7 per day ) all the kids loved the plums except for Lachlan ( our picky eater).

This is my harvest. These are the best of the best. I did have 2 more bins – one I filled with about 20 plums to enjoy over the next few days and the other full of damaged plums. They were easy to harvest though I did get stung by a bee! It flew into my crocs shoe! I will spare you the photo of my foot.

I washed and deseeded the plums. Now I have 2 bags of frozen plums ready to go for plum jam!