How to Organize a Jewelry Making Workshop for the Whole Family

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As the saying goes, a family that plays together, stays together. And a family that crafts together makes more than a fun project, they create a bonding experience — and not just because glue is sticky! Crafting jewelry as a family is a great way to learn more about one another, as well as making mementos that show and share your love. There are so many options when it comes to jewelry craft projects: different types of bracelets, earrings, pendants, chokers, and so on. Keep reading to learn how to nail down the logistics of organizing a jewelry workshop the whole family can enjoy.

Make a Decision

The first step to creating a workshop is to decide on the project. You can pick a couple of projects, or you can poll your family to see what they would like to make. Another option is to pick up basic supplies like fishing twine, pearl beads, and fasteners and see what your family comes up with. Grandma may opt to make a single pearl necklace while the kids might enjoy stringing long strands together. Whatever you choose, be sure to leave plenty of scope for imagination!  

Send Out Invites

Gather your peeps! If you’re inviting a largish crew, send out invitations (email or paper) to give people enough time to make room in their schedule. Even if it’s just you and the kids, they will still love to receive a handwritten invitation to a crafting party.

Set Up

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When the big day arrives, clear a large workspace such as the kitchen or dining room table. Cover with butcher paper or an old vinyl tablecloth to protect it. Good lighting is always helpful. Next, gather your materials. Depending on the ages of the artists, you may or may not want to store things like scissors or other sharp tools off to the side. Remind your crafters to wear appropriate clothing, such as an old t shirt that won’t make anyone cry in case it gets glue/paint/etc. on it. Make sure you have enough seats for everyone. Then get crafting!

Clean Up

Have everyone pitch in for the clean-up. Not only does it lighten your load, it also teaches your kids the way to behave when they’re out in the world. Beads get sorted and returned to boxes or bags. Twine gets respooled (or cut and tossed if too tangled). Glue caps are secured, glue guns unplugged, and so on. If your projects need to dry, have the fam at least tidy up the unused materials. 

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After Party

An art show can be a great way to extend the fun and the bonding experience. Some extra time together will allow people to talk about the experience, and maybe set up another one! Keep it simple, and make sure everyone has washed their hands after crafting, especially if you decide to serve food. As lovely as glitter is, lemonade tastes better without it.

And there you have it. A family crafting sessions is a wonderful way to connect and learn and exercise creativity. Even if the string bracelet falls off after a week, you’ll have memories to last a lifetime.