Top tips for surviving hot days

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We all wish for hot weather. When the weather is nice we all flock to the beach to swim, sunbathe in our gardens or plan a bbq with our friends and family members – this is the perfect opportunity to show off any new recipes that you have been working on. But when we get home, this is when the moaning starts! It’s too hot to sleep, your home is too warm and you feel uncomfortable moving around. Yes, you can turn the air conditioning on if you have one, although when it breaks make sure you use a contractor for AC repairs


But what other ways can you keep yourself cool to survive on hot days? From having cold baths or showers to putting ice in front of a fan and making sure you wear breathable clothes, there are many small things you can do to make yourself feel more comfortable. Below we have put together seven tips for surviving hot days. 

Have a cold bath or shower 

The easiest way to cool yourself down is to have a cold bath or shower. The cold water will quickly cool you down, helping you feel more comfortable in your home. By having a cold bath or shower, you will bring down your overall body temperature, helping prolong the sensation of feeling cooler when out. Try not to make the shower or bath too cold. If it’s freezing you can actually shock your body, potentially making yourself unwell. Showers are cheaper to run, meaning you could have a couple of showers a day if the weather is at its hottest. When it’s cooler you could then opt for a bath as you can relax more when in one.

Put Ice in front of a fan 

When using a fan to cool your home, it blows the air around at a fast speed to cool the room down. If the room is really hot, you may find your fan isn’t efficient enough to make the room feel that cold – especially on the peak of a summer’s day. A trick we have learnt is to put something very cold in front of the fan, that way it blows onto it, making the air even colder. What we like to do is use a champagne bucket and fill it with ice. This way the ice melts slowly and the fan cools you down quicker. At the same time, you could use the bucket to make your drinks cold which leads us to our next point. 

Drink very cold drinks 

When you were at school did you ever freeze a bottle of water and take it in with you on a hot summer’s day? This is a very good method to help cool you down when you are feeling uncomfortable in the heat. The cold water not only helps you drink more and stay hydrated, but it also cools you down due to the temperature of the water. When freezing your water bottle you can add some flavors to it like blackcurrant or orange. If you don’t have enough space in your freezer for a bottle, use ice cubes in your drinks as a way to make them cooler. Alternatively, as mentioned above you could keep them cold using a champagne bucket. 

Wear breathable clothes 

Throughout the day, whether you are sleeping or moving around your home, wear breathable clothes. They will help you cool down quicker and the heat won’t stick to your body. Try to wear bright colors like white, blue or green as these colors repel the sunlight. Darker colors attract the sunlight making you hotter – especially in black clothing! Have multiple clothing options as when it’s hot, you will sweat a lot. The last thing you want is to be smelling on top of feeling uncomfortable. 

Stay downstairs 

For some of you, this may not be an option however for some it will be. You may be aware that heat rises, this means the higher up you are the hotter it’s going to be. If you live in a house with a couple of floors, try to stay downstairs as much as you can as it’s going to be cooler than at the top of your home. If you have a basement, that’s going to be even cooler however it may not be the most decorated room in your home. 

Eliminate heat sources 

Try to eat colder meals like a salad or a pasta dish as this will not involve you using your oven or cooker which will heat up your home. Check you are using energy-efficient lights as your lightbulbs can give off a lot of heat, making your room a lot hotter when switched on. Energy-efficient lights are cheaper to run and will save you money in the long run. If you don’t have them, we would recommend you purchase some. 

Don’t open the windows 

On a very hot day, avoid opening the windows. Often people open their windows in order to make the room cooler, however, on a hot day this could have the opposite effect. If the air outside your property is warmer than in, by opening a window you are allowing this warm air to enter your home, heating it up instead of cooling it down. When the weather cools down in the evening, this is when it can be beneficial to open your windows. On really hot days we would advise keeping your blinds down at the same time as this stops the sunlight from shining into your rooms. 


The above are seven tips that we hope will help keep you cooler when the weather is at its hottest. Try to combine a few of the tips or use all of them as each one will help you in a different way.


What tips do you have to help you survive the hot days? Which of the tips above have you used before and most agree with? Is there anything that we haven’t included that you think should be mentioned? Let us know in the comment box below.