How A Question A Day Can Bring Couples Together

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When you’re in a relationship, you know that sometimes it can be hard to have a conversation, and you need a little push. That’s where couples’ questions can be a great conversation starter. The questions are innovative and thought-provoking, meaning that you get to experience an outstanding level of communication. Besides that, you can also make each other laugh and smile while ensuring you’re having a great time. 

Could You Deal With Bragging People?

This one is fun because we all know people like this. It can be an excellent opener for a conversation because we all know that one person has to one-up people and swear they’ve done it better. However, a twist on this is to see if you’d instead be surrounded by people who brag or complain. Now you’re thinking about which is the lesser of two evils. It becomes more than just a fundamental question and can open a lengthy discussion letting you spend time together and see them in a new way depending on their answer. 

You Can Laugh Together For Hours With Couple’s Questions

Another reason couples questions are so great because they let you laugh together for hours. For example, you could ask if you’d rather live with Shrek or the Kardashians. Given our society and social media obsession, you may think you know your loved one’s answer. However, let’s be honest. Who wouldn’t want the amazing chance to hang out with a giant green ogre all day?

You Get To Explore

Well… at least in your mind, you do. For instance, if you ask, you would instead climb the highest mountain or go all the way to the bottom of the sea, and you start imagining what each option would be like. Most people would consider the sea before considering the frightening creatures, but then reconsider the mountain because it’s so high. This is a beautiful way to engage your loved one in a conversation that not only gets you thinking, but you may decide you want to see more sights while thinking about your choice. 

You Can Learn More About Yourself

Another innovative option is to think about questions meant to push you deeper. For example, if you died, would you like to be remembered for doing something good but being considered a villain, or never doing anything good and being considered a hero? It’s quite a problem because we all want to do good things, but most can’t handle being thought of as a villain. Others don’t care and can live with that choice. 

Enjoy Learning Things About Each Other

One of the best things about asking these questions and more each day is that you always have new things to discover and learn about each other. Not to mention that you can never run out of questions, so this is something that will never get boring. That ensures you’ll have something to entertain you for years while ensuring your communication never falters.