6 Things That Seem Bougie But Aren’t

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The secret to being bougie is that you can do it on a budget. There are many things you might consider too expensive or high-class for your aesthetic that turn out to be practical and worth investing in. This can mean anything from home improvements, personal wants or even items to have as a parent. Here are 6 things that seem bougie but aren’t.

What Does Bougie Mean?

You may have heard of the word bougie or even been called it yourself. Maybe you have called your friends this term when you hear about the expensive new purse they bought. The term stems from the word bourgeoisie, which means “of middle-class status” in French. 

Bougie is typically used in a way to express how someone is aspiring to be of a higher class than one is. Someone who is bougie is creating an environment for themselves that looks or feels wealthy or upper-class status, whether true or not. 

Things That Seem Bougie But Aren’t

Here is a list of things to elevate your look, home and more while on a budget. Not all great things in life are outrageously priced. Whether it is a big or small addition to your life, it may make each day a little more enjoyable. 

1. Vanity Mirror

No matter if you love taking selfies or need the best lighting for your makeup. A vanity mirror can change everything about your routine. There is no need to fight over the bathroom mirror with your kids or significant other anymore. You have the best accessible light in your room to prepare for work or a night out. 

The mirror can light up to create the best lighting for makeup looks and taking photos. Some of them can have different light settings, storage and Bluetooth speakers. They can come in various sizes and the price depends on the size and type you get.

2. Touchscreen Toaster

Adding a futuristic-looking toaster to your kitchen might be what you need to elevate your home’s look. Trying to get to work on time and possibly preparing breakfast for children can be a struggle. Luckily this toaster toasts 35% quicker than others, which may not seem like much, but it can significantly help your waiting time. 

It displays images of all types of bread that you can make to ensure it is on the right setting. You can customize how toasted each item is. We all know a picky eater who won’t eat their food unless cooked perfectly to their liking. 

3. Residential Elevators

You may think an elevator in your home is a bit too bougie. There is a common misconception about how expensive these are. They are actually more affordable than you think. Several factors can impact the cost of your residential elevator. Elements like cab styles, drive systems and gates and doors can be modified to accommodate your budget. 

There are lots of reasons to consider this upgrade to your home. You may have grandparents or older adults that need to stay in your home for care. This can help them to areas of the house they may have trouble reaching. Another reason could be if an injury occurs, it may prevent you from getting up and down your stairs.

4.  Heated Floor Mats 

Nothing is worse than stepping out of the shower onto cold tiles. This bathroom addition only costs around $35 but could make a huge difference in your early mornings and late nights. Feeling comfortable, relaxed and cozy is a great way to start or end your day especially as a busy parent or after a long work shift. 

The beauty of this is that you do not have to take off your shoes to feel the warmth. You can even use it in other areas of the home when coming indoors on a cold winter day. The temperature is adjustable and can be set to anywhere between 85 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. It gets heated to your preferred temperature in under three minutes.  

5. Cocktail Set

When you finally get a night away from the kids, it is time to indulge. Whether it’s a party for the holiday season or a night in with your significant other, a cocktail shaker set is perfect for a great night. They are a great addition to your home to have on hand when you are hosting events.

A set can come with an array of pieces that allow you to create the most unique and delicious drinks. You can skip out on the expensive drinks at the bar and create your own in the comfort of your home. Look up recipes or grab a booklet to make the most popular drinks for your free evening. 

6. Desk Organizer 

You, your significant other or your children may have a bad habit of misplacing things, whether it’s headphones, charges, pens, etc. A desk organizer is a perfect addition to your home to keep everything in one place. Every item can have a home so that nothing gets misplaced again.

These are great to hold all your everyday essential items and keep your space organized as well. Being organized can help reduce stress and increase your productivity. They can come with clocks or wireless chargers as well depending on the type you get. Either way, it is an excellent addition to your bedside table, workspace or wherever you need it. 

Nice Things Aren’t Always Bougie 

It is normal as humans to like nice things. Indulging in items that may not be as expensive as expected can help improve your quality of life.