8 Affordable Things to Make Newborn Life Easier

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Life with a newborn baby can be intimidating and expensive. The flooded baby market can be overwhelming, with so many products to choose from. It can be challenging to know how to spend your money, when there’s so much to buy. 

Preparing for your baby’s arrival can break the bank if you aren’t careful. Here are some affordable baby products that are worth every penny you can purchase on a budget. 

1. Scratch-Proof Mittens

Scratch-proof mittens can save you and your baby from pain and frustration. Babies can have sharp fingernails that can harm them as they develop motor skills. You should cut and file your baby’s nails regularly, but that can be challenging with sleepless nights. 

Mittens can help protect your baby from scratching its face or other parts of its body. Mittens also help keep your baby’s hands warm since infants lose body heat fast. Plus, they’re fun to match with cute baby outfits. 

2. Baby Medicine

Medicine for babies is one of the essential products you’ll need in your home. There are so many to choose from on the market, though. So, how do you know which ones you’ll need without buying out the store? 

Healing ointment for diaper rash will come in handy, a calming solution can decrease baby’s discomfort, and a rectal thermometer can help monitor your baby’s temperature. You can stock your baby’s medicine cabinet with everything under the sun, but you likely won’t need more than the essentials. 

3. Portable Baby Swing

Since baby swings are so helpful, they are often outrageously priced. You don’t need to splurge unless you want to since there are affordable options that feature sound and movements that you can take with you anywhere. 

Baby swings can be a game-changer for newborns and parents. To soothe your baby, you’ll likely need to rock them constantly, which can be exhausting. Baby swings can allow you time to stay still and relax for a few moments while the swing rocks the baby for you.

4. Baby Carrier

Unless you want your arms to go numb from carrying your baby constantly or you’re content with sitting down while you hold them, you’ll want to invest in a baby carrier. Baby carriers can alleviate your arm pain and allow you to move freely while you carry your baby close to your chest. 

This can help babies feel safe and secure while you perform daily tasks. Your natural movements can be comforting for your newborn and it can ease your worries by leaving them in another room while they sleep. 

5. White Noise Machine 

A white noise machine can provide your baby with sounds that mimic the noises they’re used to from the womb. White noise can be a lifesaver when nothing you try can soothe your crying baby. 

Sometimes, they need a little background noise since they’re not used to silence. White noise can also block out background noise which can help them fall asleep and stay asleep longer. White noise machines are inexpensive and can help you and your baby sleep better without interruption. 

6. Video Baby Monitor 

Video baby monitors can put your mind at ease while you are in another room of the house from your newborn. Often, moms are uneasy about having newborns sleep in a separate room, but baby monitors can help you relax while your baby gets some rest. 

Video baby monitors have fantastic features like temperature monitoring, LED lights that monitor movement, night vision and even lullabies you can play for your child. Be careful to avoid buying the most expensive one on the market since there are budget-friendly options with the same features for a fraction of the price. 

7. Diaper Cream Brush 

A diaper cream brush can seem like an unnecessary baby product, but there are many reasons why you’ll want one. A diaper cream brush provides an even application of the cream for your baby’s bottom without getting your hands dirty. 

Diaper cream is often thick and can be difficult to remove from your hands. A diaper cream brush has a suction cup on the bottom that keeps it in place while you put on a diaper to avoid causing a mess with the cream. These brushes can apply the cream to a wide area with one or two swipes and save time and hassle. 

8. Natural Baby Bottles

Even if you’re breastfeeding your newborn, you’ll want to have some bottles on hand. You can use natural baby bottles in emergencies or when you can’t breastfeed. Natural baby bottles mimic breastfeeding with flexible nipples similar to a breast’s latch. 

NUK bottles can reduce tummy issues in infants that come from inhaling too much air when they take their bottles. This brand has an affordable gift set that consists of pacifiers and bottles with nipples that have varying flows for an infant’s age range for under $50. 

Baby Products on a Budget  

Aside from the essentials, some fabulous baby products on the market can make your life easier when you have a newborn. Consider these products to make the most of your budget while caring for your new bundle of joy.