Cranberry Juice: It’s More Than Just For Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays for many families in the U.S., with about 80% of Americans participating in the festivities. The connection between this holiday and cranberries can be traced back to 1622 when Puritan settlers from England arrived in Massachusetts. Have you ever wondered why cranberries are so popular year-round? There is more to this tart fruit than meets the eye. 


Cranberries are a type of low-acid, high-sugar fruit. They are also known as proanthocyanidin, a type of chemical responsible for the tart flavor. The red color of the cranberry comes from another chemical called anthocyanins, which also gives blueberries their signature hue. But that’s not all about them! Cranberries have numerous health benefits as well. Here is everything you need to know about eating cranberries:

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Cranberries: Why Are They Called “Cranberry”


The “cranberry” name has been used since the 1600s when it was first brought over from Scotland. There are few records about where exactly the name came from, but some say it was named for the appearance of the wild berries on a low-growing shrub (cranberry) in the Northern Highlands. Other sources say the name comes from the Scottish Gaelic “crannach mac dearg” which translates to “fruit of the little crane.”


Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice


Cranberry juice has been touted as a miraculous drink that is useful for fighting a variety of diseases. This is false. The health benefits of cranberry juice have been greatly overstated. Studies have shown that cranberry juice can prevent urinary tract infections in women, but this is only true for women who are prone to UTIs. In general, these healthy beverages are not great for fighting diseases. It’s important to understand that healthy eating, regular exercise, and affordable antibiotics are much more effective ways to prevent UTIs. 



Cranberry myths 


Cranberries are a great source of vitamin C, which has numerous health benefits. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that has been found to help protect against the common cold and infections. It is also great for your immune system and helps you fight bacteria, viruses, and yeasts found in your body. It also reduces the risk of harmful cholesterol in the blood. 


Another great benefit of cranberries is that they are rich in anthocyanins, which have anti-inflammatory effects and anti-aging properties. They also have high levels of antioxidants, which help reduce the risk of developing certain diseases.


However, many people drink cranberry juice because they believe it is good for their health. Many believe that the antioxidants and vitamins contained in the juice will prevent them from getting cancer and heart disease. This is a myth. While some people have benefited from drinking cranberry juice, there is no evidence that it prevents heart disease or cancer.


What Is a “Healthy” Serving of Cranberry Juice?


A few glasses of cranberry juice per day are a healthy part of a diet, but they don’t provide the same amount of beneficial nutrients you get from a varied diet. The recommended daily amount of fiber in an adult’s diet is between 19 and 38 grams. A medium-sized glass of cranberry juice contains only half of that amount of fiber. Additionally, the sugar in cranberry juice can raise your blood sugar level very high and cause insulin spikes, which leads to weight gain (especially from sugary juices like orange or pineapple) and should be consumed with caution by people with diabetes.




Can Cranberry Juice Help Prevent UTIs? 


Yes! Cranberries are rich in proanthocyanidins (PA compounds), which have been shown to prevent certain types of bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract walls. However, this only works for people who are prone to UTIs. Drinking cranberry juice is not going to prevent someone who doesn’t have a history of UTIs from getting an infection. While cranberry juice may not be able to completely cure a UTI, it can help ease the symptoms so you can get back to your normal routine sooner. UTIs are caused by bacteria that can grow in your urinary tract if you have a weak urinary tract or if the pH in your urinary tract is out of whack. Drinking cranberry juice regularly may help prevent these infections because it has drinking regularly may help prevent these infections because it has strong antibacterial properties.


How Much Sugar is in Cranberry Juice? 


Cranberry juice is a very sweet fruit juice with very high amounts of sugar. A medium-sized glass of cranberry juice contains 25 grams of sugar. This is the same amount of sugar in five packets of Splenda, which is a very popular non-natural sweetener. A lot of people might believe in a popular myth and wonder, does cranberry juice make you poop? But, fear not. While drinking fluids like cranberry juice can help bowel movements, there’s no scientifically proven link between the two.


Other Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice


  • Cranberry is rich in antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E, which help protect against infections, cancers, and other diseases. 
  • Cranberry also has high amounts of minerals like potassium, manganese, and magnesium, which are good for regulating muscle function, regulating heart rhythm, lowering blood pressure, and reducing the risk of kidney stones. 
  • Cranberry is also rich in vitamins B, PP, and PP, which are good for maintaining a healthy metabolism and preventing diseases like allergies, constipation, scurvy, and many others.
  • Drinking cranberry juice is a great way to get more daily servings of fruit, which are naturally sweet but too high in calories.


Steps to Make Healthy Cranberry Juice


Grab some fresh cranberries and wash them thoroughly. Put the berries in a large jar and crush them with a hammer or a wooden spoon. Add pure water and let it sit for 5 days in the fridge. Strain the berries by pouring the juice out through a fine sieve or nut milk bag. Put the pure water back in the fridge and drink cranberry juice every day. This recipe makes about 5 cups of juice.




Cranberries are tart, low-calorie berries that can be enjoyed year-round. Due to their tartness, they are typically served at holiday time, but they can be consumed all year round. They contain powerful antioxidants that can help prevent UTIs, prevent gum disease and reduce the risk of cancer. Cranberry juice also has many health benefits, including preventing urinary tract infections and promoting heart health. It can be made easily at home and is a great alternative to store-bought juices.