Buy Popular Fancy Shape Diamond Engagement Rings For Women

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Engagement rings are all about tradition. It was a form of dowry gifted to the bride back in the day. But with time, it has transformed into a symbol of love, making it a pivotal jewelry piece of utmost respect. 

Today, diamond engagement rings for women are considered penchants of devotion representing love eternal and a must-gift to propose marriage as a symbol of commitment. 

Rings, shaped like circles, represent the full circle of love where there is no beginning and no end, only continuity. And as the universal symbol of love and devotion, it is the mainstay of all jewelry pieces when it comes to the beauty of infinite love and togetherness. 

 Diamonds cut in round shapes are a popular pick for engagement rings. They are considered a classic and a go-to shape when crafting an engagement ring. But besides the round cut, there are other shapes to consider. These shapes give a ring an ultra-chic, classy and modern feel, perfect for women of the contemporary world who love to make a statement. 


Here is a look at popular fancy shape diamond engagement rings for women.

Pear Cut Diamond Rings

A pear cut diamond ring has a modified brilliant-cut gem cut to display maximum brilliance. A pear cut is actually a brilliant round diamond with a narrow pointed end. The gemstone looks precisely like a pear from the top, hence the name. It is also sometimes referred to as a teardrop diamond. 

A pear-cut gem’s elongated shape takes a larger surface area, thus, appearing more prominent than other gem shapes. Despite appearing larger, a pear-cut stone is also vulnerable to breakage because of its small pointy tip. Friendly Diamonds, a New York-based online jewelry store, recommends putting a v-prong at the endpoint or using a bezel ring setting to protect the gem when designing your ring. 

Celeste Side Diamond Ring 


The Celeste Diamond Ring is the perfect pick when celebrating your engagement. The ring features a beautiful pear shaped gewmstone lying amid a four-prong basket. Side oval diamonds trail in a north-south direction around the shank, creating a breathtaking look. 

Cushion Cut Diamond Rings 

Cushion cut diamond rings are considered a timeless jewel piece. The rings have cushion-shaped gems known for diffusing colorful shimmers of light. Cut in a square shape with rounded corners; the cushion cut gem is also known as the pillow or old mine cut. Although a deeper cut, they look relatively small when viewed from the top. Hence when buying a cushion cut, it is recommended that one with a more considerable carat weight be purchased. 

Atria Secret Halo Diamond Ring


Exquisite and stylish, the Atria Diamond Ring, designed with two diamond studded floating halos, is a sight to behold. A four-prong basket elegantly holds the cushion cut gem in place. Pave diamonds decorate the shank’s top and outer walls, producing maximum sparkle. 

Oval Cut Diamond Rings