Seven Fun and Romantic First Date Ideas That Don’t Cost Much — Or Anything At All

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Use Free Dating Websites to Save Money

Before looking at date ideas, it’s worth mentioning that you can save money before you even have someone to set up a date with!

If you use dating websites to find potential love interests, you can make considerable savings by switching to free online dating websites.

You can then use an online service for dating that doesn’t cost you a penny.

It may also be useful to read this article about how to turn a dating app match into an actual date.

Now, let’s take a look at those free and inexpensive date options.

1. Go for a Romantic Walk

Walks are completely free! Furthermore, strolling along romantic and interesting spots can be a great way of getting to know one another, rather than feeling restricted by sitting opposite each other at a restaurant, as many people on first dates do.


Look at potential sites in your local area that would be fun and romantic places to walk. For instance, you could walk along a river or stroll through the trees at a local park.

2. Have a Picnic

Another cost-free date option is to go on a romantic picnic. If you make the items of food yourself, a picnic is a great way of showing off your culinary skills.


But even if you just buy the contents of your picnic hamper, a picnic is a great way of spending time one-on-one with somebody and getting to know a potential partner better.

Just make sure you pick a lovely spot for your picnic.

Also, you could make the picnic even more romantic by taking along a bottle of bubbly and a couple of glasses.

3. Go Bowling

Bowling doesn’t cost much and it’s a great activity to do on a first date because it enables you to interact with your date and have a laugh. Bowling is also a great option if you’re going on a double date.


It can often be easier to talk to someone new when you have a fun activity to share, so you should definitely consider knocking down pins on your first date, even if you’re not very good at bowling.

4. Visit Local Tourist Attractions

People tend to not visit tourist attractions in their own town or city, so exploring the local attractions, such as museums, galleries, and landmarks, can be a fun first-date option.

There are probably tons of cheap or free things to do locally. In fact, as a local, you may be able to get a discount.

Take a look at tourism websites for your locality to get a good idea of what’s actually out there and then think about which attractions would be most suitable for you and your date.

Many tourist attractions can be romantic as well as fun.

5. Go to an Open Mic Night

If you have little money to spare, going to an open mic night can be a fun and cheap thing to do on a first date.

You could attend a comedy, poetry, or music open mic night and discover local talent.

Then again, you might discover some really bad local talent! But even if you do, that can be a fun experience that helps you to laugh and build a bond with your date.

6. Take in a Movie at the Cinema

The cinema may be a tried and tested first date option, but it’s a popular option because going to see a movie can be a great icebreaker. You won’t have to talk much to your date during the film, but afterward, you will be able to chat and laugh about the film together.

Furthermore, cinemas often have discounts and special offers available, so watching a movie doesn’t have to cost much.

During the summer, there may even be an open-air film showing that you can attend, which could be a very romantic experience.

7. Teach Each Other Your Favorite Hobbies

One first-date option that will enable you to get to know each other well is sharing your hobbies with one another.

You will both probably have everything you need already, so it doesn’t have to cost much, if anything at all.

Whether you’re into pottery, sports, or music, sharing your hobby with a date and learning about your date’s hobbies can quickly help you to connect with and get to know each other better.