10 Ways to Make Your Mom Feel Special on Mother’s Day When You Can’t Visit in Person 

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Approximately 84% of US adults celebrate Mother’s Day, but that feels hard to do when you can’t see your Mom in person. Thanks to the internet, you can still celebrate Mother’s Day like your Mom is in the same room. If you plan ahead, you can even send her a beautiful gift.

How to Have a Remote Mother’s Day With Your Mom

A remote Mother’s Day can still be a fun experience, but you’ll have to do a bit of research to make it work. 


Here are 10 meaningful ways to make her day feel extra special from afar. 

1. Send an eCard and a Gift Card

Send your Mom a gift card to a store she loves. That way, she can get something that she enjoys and make her feel appreciated. Include a sweet card with the gift card wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day. Send it to her email first thing in the morning so she wakes up to it. With a nice gift card, you can also book a personalized tour for her. E-bike and pirate cruise tours are just one of the best experience gifts for mom that you can find. Surprise her!


At punchbowl.com, you can find the perfect customizable Mother’s Day card that’s sure to bring a smile to her face. Consider adding a video message inside to make the gift more personable.

2. Send a Handwritten Letter 

Take the time to express your love to your Mom by writing a letter. Be sure to let her know how you’re doing, but don’t focus on yourself too much. Instead. Show her what she means to you and how much you appreciate all the love and support she’s given you throughout your life. 

3. Send Her Flowers 

No matter where your Mom is, flowers are sure to make her smile. Plus, they’re easy to ship! Send your Mom a bouquet of her favorite flowers or a plant to her house. Attach a card that mentions some of your fondest memories with her and how much you love and care for her. 


Did you know you can put aspirin in cut flowers to make them last much longer? Share that bit of advice with your Mom, so she can enjoy your stunning bouquet for an extra week or two.

4. Create a Digital Collage

Put together a digital collage of memories to commemorate the special bond between you and your Mom. Include pictures, video clips, and music that she holds close to her heart. You can create collages using templates or by playing around with design programs like Photoshop.

5. Video Call 

Start off her day by sending your Mom a heartfelt video call. Seeing your face is sure to bring a smile to hers, even if you can’t be there physically. Speak with her as if you were right there in the room. Take the time to ask her questions about her day, and tell her you love her very much. 


If you can’t make it for a call, record a video instead. You can make up for it by calling her tomorrow, but at least you’ll have a way to wish her “Happy Mother’s Day” on the actual day.

6. Put Together a Virtual Playlist 

Gather up some of your Mom’s favorite songs and create a playlist for her. Every time she hears it playing in the background, she’ll think of you and feel your warmth. Or, you can set up a Duo Spotify subscription for her and create a shared playlist she can share with her friends.

7. Send Her Favorite Meals 

Send your Mom a special meal she would love. Check out some of the delivery services available in her area and get her a dish prepared by a restaurant. Consider ordering from a bunch of different places that serve desserts, lunches, and dinners to set up a full-course meal.


On the other hand, you could make a home-cooked meal and ship it to her if your Mom is less than 4 hours away. Either way, your Mom’s sure to feel the warmth with this simple gesture. 

8. Surprise Her with a Treat 

Show your Mom how much you love her by sending her some small gifts, like slippers or a bathrobe, or yummy treats. These can range from chocolate bars to champagne to chips. Make sure to include a heartfelt note along with it so that she knows exactly where it came from. 

9. Create a Virtual Memory Book 

Making a virtual memory book for your Mom is an easy way to bring back some precious memories. Gather old photos, ticket stubs, and some of her favorite quotes, then upload them online and make a slideshow out of them. If you have time, make a physical memory book.

10. Plan a Virtual Celebration 

Spend quality time with your Mom by planning a virtual celebration. Invite the rest of your family members and close friends to join in. Decorate your screen with balloons, streamers, and whatever else she loves. Consider dressing in fun outfits or costumes or following a theme.


Whether it’s playing a game together, singing karaoke, or watching a movie, your Mom is bound to enjoy herself. After all, she gets to spend time with one of her favorite people on the planet!