How to organize furniture in your living room

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Sometimes it is very difficult to place all the necessary items in a small room. At the same time, in the competition for the functionality of the premises, the external attractiveness should not be forgotten. The living room should be comfortable and at the same time stylish. This room is intended not only for the rest of the owners of the apartment but also for the reception of guests. And this means that comfort must be ensured in a small area. How to distribute multiple pieces of furniture without overloading the interior? 


Designers are advised to move away from the usual patterns of arranging interior items and use original techniques. So you can visually change the shape and area of the room, and make it wider and more spacious at the same time. Maybe you will need old furniture removal and replace it with some new and more modern ones.

How to organize furniture in a special way

A very special way is to organize the furniture irregularly. Usually, the hall looks like a narrow and disproportionate rectangle. Making such a room interesting and functional is not an easy task. And this is complicated by another drawback of such apartments. They not only interfere with the installation of spacious closets with a mezzanine or make a “second floor”, but also reduce optically and put psychological pressure on homeowners. We have prepared a small selection of examples of how to arrange furniture in the hall.

To create such a design you will have to give up the typical arrangement of furniture along the two long walls of the room.

This method is not suitable for a narrow room. Furniture along the walls may seem like a functional and convenient option, but in the end, your room will turn into a kind of corridor. Space zoning helps to avoid this situation. The choice of zones depends on the role played by the hall in the apartment. It can be intended exclusively for meetings with guests and family vacations, or it can also combine functions.

How to fit everything in 16-17 square meters

The smaller the area, the more problems arise for its owners. Thus, for example, a room measuring 16-17 sq.m. suggests the absence of large wardrobes or luxurious armchairs. In a limited space, designers recommend using the furniture placement method. Thus, all large objects that visually hide the space will be the nearby and free area around them. In another corner of the room, you can place a cabinet with a TV or a desktop with a large monitor.

If you do not know how to arrange furniture in a room of 16-17 sq. m., then refer to the style of minimalism or, you can also use and even. They all assume no additional items emphasized simplicity and freedom of movement.

How to fit everything in 20 m2.

Such dimensions of the room allow you to place multiple zones in the hall at once. You can separate them from each other using a colour scheme, brightness, and height. But designers do not recommend installing cabinets as dividers in a small room. They block the propagation of light.

It is best to start from the main group, which is located in the centre or one of the corners of the room. Do you want to know how to arrange furniture in a hall of 20 m2? without any hassle? Start with a couch and a TV cabinet. Get rid of the chairs, which only take up space, chairs will accommodate more people. But be sure to put a table next to the sofa so that you can drink coffee or tea in the company of guests.