The Complete Guide to Matching Jerky with Your Favorite Drinks

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Jerky is a popular snack that people worldwide like because it tastes good and is chewy. But the flavor of jerky can be taken to a whole new level if you find the right drink to go with it. 

Whether you like beer, wine, or something that doesn’t have alcohol, there are many ways to pair your favorite drink with jerky. Some drinks can help balance the jerky’s salty and spicy flavors, while others can bring out its smoky or sweet ones. 

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best drinks to pair with jerky. There is a jerky and drink combo for everyone to appreciate, whether they prefer traditional flavors or more adventurous twists.

What is Beef Jerky Tastes Like? 

Beef jerky is a dried and cured meat snack that is low in fat and flavor. It’s a snack food that can be kept for a long time without going bad.

Beef jerky’s flavor varies widely depending on the spices used, but it’s typically nutty, smoky, and slightly sweet and salty. It is usual practice to smoke the meat before preserving it, which further enhances the flavor. Since the beef has been dehydrated to remove and toughen most moisture, the texture is dry, flaky, and chewy. But it must still be tender when biting into it and break apart readily.

Overall, beef jerky is a great snack for any occasion because of how it tastes and feels. Those searching for high-quality selections should explore reputed jerky brands, such as those featured on, known for their wide tasty varieties and positive customer reviews.

Best Pairings of Jerky and Beverages

  1. Lager Or Pilsner 

Lagers are beer types that go well with many different foods. This makes them a great choice for any time you want to snack. Lagers go well with beef jerky, like theywere made for each other.

The lager’s light, crisp flavor matches the jerky’s savory and salty taste, improving the snacking experience.

  1. IPA

IPAs are known for their strong, citrusy flavor and bitter finish. This makes them a great match for heavier, saltier, and more aromatic snacks like beef jerky. The complex flavors of the IPA can go well with the salty and spicy taste of the jerky, making a bold and satisfying flavor profile.

Try your IPA with beef jerky and spicy tacos or tostadas for a different way to snack. When spicy and savory flavors come together, they can make your mouth water and make you happy. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, try different flavors and textures of beef jerky with your IPA to find the best combination.

  1. Ginger Beer

Ginger beer is a refreshing and slightly spicy alternative to regular beer that is great for people who like sweeter drinks. Ginger and citrus notes can balance out the saltiness of beef jerky when they are eaten together. This makes for a unique and tasty snacking experience. 

Try mixing your ginger beer with a sweet sauce, like chutney dip for a sweet and savory taste. So, the next time you want a snack that is both sweet and spicy, grab a cold ginger beer and some tasty beef jerky.

  1. Stout

Stouts can go well with the taste of smoked beef jerky. It’s notes of coffee and caramel go well with the jerky’s smoky taste, making it feel like you’re sitting by a campfire. Also, spicy beef jerky is great for people who like strong flavors. The heat of the jerky goes well with full, dry beers like stouts, whose malty flavor and dry finish let the spice shine through.

  1. Pilsner

The bitter hops in a Pilsner can also go well with beef jerky. The spicy and savory tastes of the jerky go well with the bitter hops in the Pilsner, making for a good balance of flavors. The salty taste of the beef jerky can also make the beer taste better. Try eating some traditional beef jerky with a Pilsner for a tasty snack.

Things To Keep In Mind When Pairing Beef Jerky With Beverages

There are several things to think about when pairing beef jerky with drinks. Such as: 

Taste and seasoning

The taste and seasoning of the jerky will have a big impact on what drink to choose. Beef jerky that tastes smoky and salty goes well with drinks with these flavors, like dark beer or red wine. On the other hand, if the beef jerky tastes sweet and sour, you might want to pair it with a citrusy drink.

Pairing’s Texture

One must also think about the texture. Because of its dry and chewy texture, beef jerky calls for a beverage to help wash the flavor away and revive the mouth. Soda or beer, which both have carbonation and are nice to drink, can help cut through the meatiness of the jerky.

Occasion and Atmosphere

It’s important to think about the occasion and the atmosphere. A cold beer or drink could go well with beef jerky as a snack while watching a movie or hanging out with friends. But a bottle of red wine or a whiskey cocktail might be a more refined pairing if you serve beef jerky as an appetizer at a formal dinner party.

Tips for Perfecting Your Jerky and Beverage Pairings

  • Try different combinations to find new and interesting flavor combinations.
  • Think about adding other things, like cheese, wine, or dried fruits, to the mix to improve the overall taste.
  • Take breaks and clean your taste buds between tastings to avoid getting tired and ensure you’re matching things correctly.
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with your pairings. There are so many options!

Bottom Line

Pairing food and beverages is a fun and exciting activity that can enhance the overall taste experience. There are many ways to pair jerky to suit different tastes and preferences. 

Whether you like a light beer with mild-flavored jerky or a full-bodied wine with spicy jerky, the key is to try other things and see what you like best. 

Then, you can elevate your snacking game and impress your guests with the right pairing. So, grab some beef jerky and your favorite beverage and start exploring the pairing world today!