Comparing Different Electricity Rates and Plans in Texas

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Texas is a deregulated energy market. This means you have the freedom to compare electricity rates from different providers and find cheap electricity rates Texas that work best for you. While not enjoyed by 100% of the population, this freedom is available to residents of Houston, Dallas, Waco, Brownville, and Corpus Christi, to name a few.


So why compare different electricity rates? Well, there is no valid reason to overpay for your power. Identifying and going with a good and affordable provider can save you tens of dollars monthly.


That said, here is everything you need to make your Texas electric rates comparison:

Types of Electricity Plans in Texas

If you are shopping around for the best electricity provider in Texas, it is important to keep in mind that there are different types of plans available. The most common are:


  • Fixed rate: you pay a fixed price per kilowatt hour of usage.
  • Variable rate: the price will vary with fluctuations in the energy market.
  • Green energy: If you are looking for environmentally-friendly power, green energy plans are also available, but usually at a slightly higher rate.

How to Compare & Pick the Right Electricity Provider

When you think about the best electricity provider, price is probably at the top of your mind. And, yes, price is a key factor to look at when making comparisons. However, it should not be your only consideration. You want to also look at the following:


  • The provider’s size: how big is the company’s market size? A bigger customer base is a positive sign.
  • Years in business: the longer an electricity provider has been in business, the better as it shows they are in the market to stay.
  • Customer feedback: as with any other business, customer reviews are one of the best ways to tell how good the customer service actually is. For instance, a provider with many complaints about unresponsiveness is probably not a good idea.
  • The contract details: do not be too quick to sign a contract with the first provider to quote a good rate. Instead, make sure you read the contract and understand it. There could be costs and penalties you are not aware of. Seek clarification where necessary.

The Top Most Affordable Electricity Plans in the Texas Market

If you are looking for the best residential electricity rates in the market today, here is a roundup of the top 5:


  • AEP Texas Central (TX): 7.30 cents/1000 KWH
  • AEP Texas North (TX): 7.30 cents/1000 KWH
  • Oncor (TX): 7.60 cents/1000 KWH
  • TNMP (TX): 8.50 cents/1000 KWH
  • CenterPoint Electric (TX): 9.50 cents/1000 KWH

Easy Steps for Making Texas Electric Rates Comparison

Going through a list of all providers, along with their rates, can be tiring and is really not the most efficient way to make a comparison. Instead, consider using a specialized electricity rate comparison tool to help you make a quicker decision. Usually, all you need is your zip code, and you can find the different providers in your area and how much they charge, among other details.

Get the Best Electricity Rate by Comparing the Options Available

If you live in Texas, you have an array of options to explore when it comes to electricity plans. Some are cheaper than others. So, make sure you conduct a detailed Texas electric rates comparison to find the ideal pick for your needs and budget.