Common Uses of PVC Foam Board

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When it comes to versatile and affordable materials for construction, signage, and crafts, one standout choice is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) foam board. Lightweight, robust, and easy to work with, PVC foam board is increasingly recognised as a highly practical choice for a range of applications in the UK. 

What Is PVC Foam Board?

PVC foam board, also known as foamex, is a type of plastic sheeting that has a foam core and outer matt layer. This structure lends the board several important characteristics, including its lightweight, rigidity, and resistance to moisture and chemicals. These properties make PVC foam boards a preferred choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Furthermore, the board is available in a range of thicknesses and colours, enhancing its adaptability to various uses.

Use In Signage and Advertising 

One of the most common uses of PVC foam board is in the production of signs and display panels. Thanks to its weather-resistant nature, the foam board is an excellent choice for outdoor signage. It doesn’t warp or rot like wood, and it maintains its vibrant colours even when exposed to the elements. 


Similarly, PVC foam board is also popular in the advertising industry. It serves as a sturdy and cost-effective medium for printed ads and stands. The board’s smooth surface ensures that printed designs look crisp and sharp, while its lightweight nature makes it easy to transport and install.

Building and Construction Applications 

In the building and construction industry, PVC foam board is used for cladding, insulation, and interior design. Its weather-resistant properties make it a great choice for cladding on buildings, offering an alternative to wood or metal. It’s a particularly attractive option for projects aiming to achieve energy efficiency, given its insulation properties. 


Interior designers and DIY enthusiasts alike favour PVC foam board for its versatility. It can be cut, shaped, painted, or laminated to fit any decorative purpose, from wall panelling to furniture applications. Suppliers like Simply Plastics have seen a surge in demand from customers seeking PVC foam board for such innovative uses. 

In Arts and Crafts

The potential uses of PVC foam board extend into the realm of arts and crafts. This material is ideal for model-making, scrapbooking, and creating display boards. It is favoured by artists and craft enthusiasts for its lightweight, easy manipulation, and smooth finish that can hold various types of paint and adhesive.

Application in the Marine Industry 

Given its resistance to moisture and salt water, PVC foam board is also used extensively in the marine industry. It is used for creating components of boats and yachts, such as hulls and decks, due to its high strength-to-weight ratio. The board’s ability to resist rot and corrosion makes it a superior choice compared to traditional materials like wood.

Final Thoughts

The common uses of PVC foam board underscore its versatility and resilience. From signage and advertising, through construction and design, to arts and crafts and the marine industry, this material has shown itself to be adaptable and reliable. As awareness of its benefits continues to spread in the UK and beyond, we can expect to see PVC foam board employed in an even wider range of applications in the future.