Spooktacular Savings: Our Candy-Saving Trick for Halloween

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Halloween in our neck of the woods always brings about a rather unique challenge. You see, we live on the outskirts of a charming but modest-sized town, nestled on a street that’s practically neighbors with vast farmland. And every October 31st, our Halloween experience is like a surprise waiting to be unwrapped. Some years, we’re swamped with kids in costumes, and other times, it’s eerily quiet. To add to the intrigue, our neighbors tend to be a bit tight-fisted with their candy distribution.

Now, let’s talk candy shopping. Year after year, we’d head to the store and snag a big bag of candy, typically costing around $15. And it was always a guessing game. Would we run out too soon, or end up with heaps of leftover candy? To make matters even more mysterious, I recently checked the price of candy, and it’s reached a spine-tingling $20 per bag – quite the sticker shock!

I headed to our local Dollar Tree with a different strategy in mind. There, I loaded up on packs of cookies – $5 got me 48 snack packs, including 10 with chocolate chip cookies and 18 with OREO-inspired.

If our Halloween turns out to be a quieter affair, these snack packs can easily become a delightful snack for the kiddos. Plus, we’re not big on Halloween candy in our home (strange, I know), so this year, I wanted treats that are more likely to vanish into happy tummies.

As we prepare for the spookiest night of the year, the big question looms: will my unconventional Halloween candy plan be a smashing success or a bit of a trick? Only time will tell, but one thing’s certain – it’s a creative and wallet-friendly solution to our annual candy caper. Happy Halloween, everyone!