Baby Shower For Baby 6

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Last month, we celebrated our soon-to-arrive baby boy with a charming baby shower. Picking a theme was a challenge, but I settled on something sweet—a bee-themed gathering buzzing with warmth and excitement for our little one.

For the menu, I opted for chilled dishes to keep things stress-free. A variety of cold foods set up as a buffet added a delightful touch, ensuring everyone had their fill without the hassle of keeping things warm.

Feeling adventurous, I tried my hand at crafting a cheeseboard for the occasion, a first for me. Surprisingly, it turned out pretty well, adding a lovely spread to the festivities.

With about 15 guests joining us, I arranged a special setup for the little ones in the playroom. A dedicated kids’ table brimming with activities kept them entertained while the adults enjoyed the celebration.

The bee-themed décor tied everything together beautifully, from the adorable centerpieces to the charming bee-shaped treats. It was heartwarming to see everyone come together to welcome our newest family member, sharing stories and laughter.