Chocolate Fudge with Pecans

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Emerging from the whimsy of 19th-century kitchens, fudge quickly became a beloved treat, with the addition of pecans elevating its charm.

Crafted from the perfect blend of velvety chocolate and crunchy pecans, this sweet delight encapsulates homemade warmth and familial comfort. As you savor each bite, you’re partaking in a tradition that spans generations, making Chocolate Fudge with Pecans a timeless indulgence.


Difficulty:  Easy

Prep time: 5 minutes

Bake time: N/A

Chill time: 2 hours

Servings:  2 pounds



3 c chocolate chips (milk, dark, semi-sweet)

1 – 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk

1 c chopped pecans, plus more sprinkle on top



  1. Line an 8×8 or similar sized pan with foil or parchment.  Lightly spray with non-stick spray and set aside. 
  2. In a microwave safe bowl, combine the chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk.  Stir to combine. 
  3. Heat for one minute.  Carefully remove and stir well.  If needed, heat for an additional 30 seconds and stir until smooth.   Mixture will be thick. 
  4. Stir in the chopped pecans.
  5. Transfer the fudge to the lined baking pan.  Press into the bottom and smooth into an even layer. 
  6. Sprinkle with additional chopped pecans on top and press into the fudge to adhere.
  7. Allow to set at room temperature for about 4 hours or in the fridge for about 2 hours. 
  8. Slice and serve. 


Storage:  Fudge can be stored in an airtight container for about 1 week or frozen for 3 months.