Top Reasons Why Patent is Important for Businesses

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Every business has a unique idea, product, or process that gives them an advantage over their competitors. However, not every business understands why it is necessary to protect their inventions from getting exploited by others. Here are some top reasons why patent protection is important for businesses. 

Top Reasons Why Patent Is Important for Businesses

A patent is a form of intellectual property right granted to an inventor, giving them exclusive rights to their invention for a period of time, typically 20 years from the filing date. This right prevents others from making, using, selling, or importing the patented invention without permission from the patent holder. 


As a business owner, obtaining patent protection for your intellectual property is important for many reasons. Get a patent attorney to assist your business with the patent application process from Goldstein Patent Law.  

Patents Give Sole Rights to an Invention 

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of obtaining a patent is the exclusive rights it grants businesses to prevent others from manufacturing, using, selling, or importing their products. This enables businesses to make the most of their inventions without worrying that they would be copied or replicated by competitors.

Patents Offer Different Profit Streams

Patents offer businesses various means of generating revenue beyond manufacturing and selling their products. Some other ways businesses can make money through their patents are: 


  • Licensing: This involves giving others the right to manufacture, use, or sell the patented invention in exchange for royalties 
  • Selling: Businesses can decide to sell their patents for a substantial amount 


This passive stream of income allows businesses to monetize their intellectual property without having to invest in manufacturing or marketing. 

Patents Increase Business Value

Patents are assets, and they significantly contribute to the value of a business. This intellectual property right can be transferred, sold, or used as collateral for securing loans or attracting investment. 

Patents Attract Investors

Patents often signify that a business has the potential for long-term growth, technological advancement, and profitability, which are attractive qualities for investors who are seeking high returns. As a result, businesses with strong patent protection are more likely to attract venture capital, private equity, and other forms of investment.

Patents Give an Edge Over Competition

By offering protection against infringement, patents provide businesses with a competitive advantage. This prevents competitors looking to enter into the marketplace from replicating the business’s technology, thereby allowing them to dominate the market and preserve their market share. 

Related Questions 

Are Trade Secrets Better for Businesses than Patents?

Trade secrets offer indefinite protection for valuable information, as long as they remain confidential, while patents offer sole rights to inventions for a limited period. Determining which is better depends on the nature of the intellectual property and the business goals. Although trade secrets last longer and are more flexible and cost-effective, patents offer stronger legal protection against infringement. 

How Can I Get a Patent for My Business?

To obtain a patent for your business, you will first need to conduct a patent search to make sure your invention is novel and not already patented. The next thing to do is file a patent application with the relevant patent office in your country. This application should include detailed descriptions and drawings of your invention. 

What Are the Benefits of a Patent?

Patents grant inventors sole rights to their invention, thereby preventing others from using, making, or selling it without permission. This leads to increased profitability and maintains the market share of the business. Patents also provide legal protection against infringement. Additionally, they can attract investors, generate revenue through licensing agreements, and increase a company’s value. 


From the above, you can see the various reasons why patents are important for businesses. If you plan on getting a patent for your business, it is advisable to hire the services of a patent attorney. This will help you to navigate the patent application process more easily, and increase your chances of obtaining one.