Frugal Friday: What to Do With Left Over Easter Baskets

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Here’s a fun little Easter project. Growing up, we always grew our own live grass in our baskets. It was so much fun to be able to plant the seeds and wait and watch the grass grow. I loved this tradition growing up, so I decided to pass it down to my own boys. This year we just did one basket. I lined the basket with a plastic grocery bag, and sent my son out to fill it with dirt. Then, together we sprinkled it with seeds and watered the seeds. Since this is his first planting experience, I don’t think he’s quite sure what we are doing, but he will soon find out! Today was the first day we started seeing a little green sprout up!!  It also makes a nice decorative centerpiece on your table or counter…fill it with some eggs, and you have a live Ester decoration!  Don’t waste time getting started though, as the grass will take 7-14 days to begin growing and Easter is right around the corner.

Thanks Sarah! and Stretching Your Budget