Saving Money: Home Made PopCorn Fun

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Here is a fun and healthy snack option that you can do with the kids!

I have an oil popper that I usually use. (Bad…yes I know! But that was the old me!) So we had to find a new way to make a healthy form of my favorite snack. So my daughter and I got creative. I had to share this fun idea!
Here is what you need:

1 lunch paper bag
Scotch tape
1/4 cup
pop corn

Then followed these SIMPLE and FAST steps!
1. Pour 1/4 cup popcorn in the paper bag
2. Fold the open end of the paper bag about 1/2 in – 1 in down.
3. Tape the folded piece down well
4. Place in the microwave for 2 mins. NOTE: Your microwave may be different. Watch and listen for when the pops are down to 1 every second or so.
5. Remove and shake
6. Quickly pour into bowl

My daughter and I LOVED doing this! Cheap. Easy, Healthy & FUN! Woohoo! Another fabulous healthy snack!